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Origin Mount Guide and Taming Materials

Utopia: Origin Mount Guide and Taming Materials

Utopia: Origin, where the game must be engaged in activities in order to survive. StickAir will provide some guidelines for the Mounts Guide in this discussion.

Mount in the game Utopia: Origin not only helps to walk long distances quickly and safely, but the mount is also used to carry goods with more weight. The description provides weight information for each bracket.

Before capturing the mount that you want to target, you must first reach level 5 to be able to craft letters. Where leather requires 2x skin as a material.

Fur can be obtained from cows and cows, as well as some other animals.

After that you have to create a riding saddle item that requires 10x wood and 1x leather.

Material to catch the mount is not just a mount saddle, but you must feed the mount before it is caught.

Here we will discuss it.

Utopia: Origin Mount Guide and Taming Materials

Blue horse → Blow fish, wheat, corn;

Blue pig → Soybeans;

Brown horse → carrot;

bull → wheat;

– camel → corn, wheat;

cow → wheat;

– Dark horse → abalone, blue lotus, wheat;

– Desert wolf → Meat feed, potatoes, raw lamb chops;

– Flying dragon → Dragon saliva juice, rare meat food, ghost fish;

– Green bird → Red lotus, onion, Uncomoon meat feed;

– Falcon Strider Bird → carrots, wheat;

– Horned bull → Animal feed, unusual meat feed;

– King Desert Wolf → Rare meat feed, potatoes, raw lamb chops;

– King saber wolf → lobster, rare meat feed, raw lamb chop;

– Lonely wolf → Rare meat feed, raw lamb chop;

– Red horse → Rare meat fed, wheat, Chile;

– Red pig → wheat, soybeans;

– Rock Fire Saber Totthed Tiger King → Large scallop, rare meat food, unusual meat food;

– Saber Wolf → Lobsters, meat, raw steak;

– Saber-toothed tiger → Large scallop, high quality meat feed, rare meat feed;

– sheep → wheat;

– Snow Wolf → Wheat, meat feed, raw lamb chops;

– Unicorns → elven fish, king crab, strawberry;

– Poison dragon → egg, toadstool, occasional meat feed;

– Wilderness cattle → apple, wheat, sugar cane;

– wolf → Rare meat feed

Many of the materials needed to catch mounts can be easily obtained by killing multiple animals and collecting their meat.

The location of the map is also the key issue for any type of mount to be found.

Mountain of bones → red horse;

Old bread island → red horse, camel, hawk bird;

Old platinum bay → Lone wolf, saber wolf, king saber wolf;

Old tulip plain → Snow Wolf, King Snow Wolf;

Old Travelers Hill → Snow Wolf, King Snow Wolf;

Island under the Twilight Promontory → King desert wolf, desert wolf;

Jade prairie → lone wolf;

Then volcano → falcon-stepping bird, saber-toothed tiger, rock-fire saber-toothed tiger king;

mountains → Blue Horse, Wilderness Cattle, Wolf;

Level fields areas → Blue horse. Blue Pig, Brown Horse, Bull, Cow, Sheep, Wilderness Cattle, Wolf, Lone Wolf;

Shadow snow mountain → Poison dragon, snow wolf, king snow wolf

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