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Origin How to use the furnace facility

There are several melting plants in the Utopia game. StickAir will discuss the smelting furnace facility which is used to smelt some resource materials like ore, sand, stone, etc.

Oven can be made from the workbench available in the crafting plant menu. The material needed to make a workbench is 20x wood. Wood can be obtained by felling trees with an ax.

Utopia: Origin How to use the furnace facility

The first thing needed to make a smelting furnace is a workbench, which was discussed above. From the workbench, you can use the melting plant to make furnaces. Where the furnace needs multiple materials, namely skirt x 30.

Materials that can be melted in a smelting furnace are rock, lime, sand, clay, iron ore, silver ore, and gold ore. The fuel used in the furnace is coal, wood, and straw to melt the material. Melting results such as iron bars, silver bars, glass, etc. are used as craft material.

The stove can be used by all herd members, but the sharing facilities must be opened by the herd leader. The results of the melting will be different from the feedstock that is fed into the furnace.

List of furnace results based on base material

Rocks → lime

Lime → cement

Sand → Glass

Sound → brick

Iron ore → Iron bar

Silver ore → Silver bar

Gold ore → gold bar

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