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Origin Event Latest Clothing Honey Sweet

Maintenance by the party Utopia: origin Produced a new costume on February 13, 2021 that is unique and charming too, and also provides new mounts, namely Storm Griffin and Dolphin.

StickAir shared some information about the honey cutie costume.

The costume is called Honey Sweet Clothes with 2 genders male and female. The costume is sold at a price of 20 coupons per box and is in the shape of a gift box. You will not receive 100% of the costume in the gift box. The costume consists of Honey Sweet Hairstyle, Honey Sweet Top and Honey Sweet Bottom.

The box can be purchased in the SHOP menu of the game Utopia: Origin.

Each costume consists of a random percentage of the possibility to be obtained, namely:

Honey-sweet hairstyle 12%; Honey-sweet top 3%, honey-sweet bottom 5%.

Every 1 box is opened, you will definitely receive 1x Double Skin Milk and 1x Banana Pie.

The chances of getting this unique costume are quite slim.

This is what the Honey Sweet Clothes costume looks like

Honey cute clothes female

Honey sweet clothes for men

What are you waiting for? Let’s prepare your coupon for this gatcha costume. A little suggestion, you might have to provide 50 boxes to get one of these costumes.

Happy Gatcha to everyone &. &

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