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Title: New Marskman hero, Granger Mobile Legends
Link: New Marskman hero, Granger Mobile Legends

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New Marskman hero, Granger Mobile Legends

hero Sagittarius newest in Mobile legends This is Granger This is one of the heroes who is quite unique. Apart from the fact that it is not used WhereNeither can he shoot lightly because Basic attackit will use bullets! Still, he could definitely start Critical Hits every few times Basic attack.

Those were some of the advantages of Granger in the game. Would you like to learn more about this mysterious hero? Check out the hero stats and combat skills below.

Hero Statistics

Source: In-game screenshot
In the picture above we can already see that Granger has offense which is high considering it can definitely produce Critical Hits. damage from SkillsHe also has cooling down short so he can use it more often.
But his ability corresponded to the level of difficulty. Quite Skillsit is a straight line and can be avoided very easily by moving just a little to the side. It’s also easy to kidnap in early levels because flash Skillsit is very short.
What else could he use Skills the first time even though the bullets ran out because Skills it automatically reloads Granger’s bullets. It’s not in the description Skills so I don’t know if it hasn’t been written yet or failure.

hero capability

Source: In-game screenshot
rhapsodySkills 1 (active): Granger fires all of his bullets forward, leading to physical harm in every ball. It automatically charges 6 bullets at the same time in all conditions.
rondoSkills 2 (Active): Granger moves in the intended direction and 2 Basic attacknext is generated damage greater. Every bullet that hits the hero is reduced Skill cooldown This.
Death SonataUltimate (Active): Granger turns his violin into a rifle and fills it with 3 super balls. This sphere will penetrate minion along the path and explode when it hits a hero. Super ball When the enemy is hit, it explodes and produces a number of physical harm at the same time effect slow. Every time you fire super ball, Granger can move locations (similar to Ruby after use Skills).
mood – Passive: Granger can load up to six rounds of his weapon. Since six is ​​his lucky number, the result is the sixth ball critical damage. Just Granger get half the additional effect Attack speed from Products Yet emblem.

Brief Granger Tips

Source: In-game screenshot
As a hero Sagittarius, Granger is quite agile, although easy to control.counter of heroes charger or burst. To fix this, try Rhapsody over the hero while using Rondo. If the enemy is still chasing you, you can use Rondo again because cooling downit falls every time a bullet hits an enemy. If you want damage bigger, try to use rondo after the last two balls left damagehis criticalis bigger.
to ultimatehimself, Granger is classified as a shorter version of Lesley and a larger area. distance Skillsit is quite far and the area damageIt’s quite wide so it can be combined with area heroes like Gatotkaca, Tigreal or Minotaur.
Source: DuniaGames

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