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Mobile Legends Item Guide - Cursed Helmet, offers automatically

Cursed Helmet Mobile Legends
Cursed Helmet Mobile Legends

Cursed Helmet is an item of defense in Mobile Legends. Therefore, this item is often used by tank heroes or saddle trucks. This item is usually used against magical heroes or magical assassins.

This item also gives you extra HP which is quite large and the most important thing is extra magic resistance. This magic resistance will help you fight magic heroes.

Well, in this article, Mimin will talk more about the Cursed Helmet item. What is the status of this article? Who should buy this item? Don’t worry, you will find all the answers here. Let’s watch the discussion below.

Unit price

You can buy this cursed helmet for 1830 gold. It’s cheap isn’t it? This cursed helmet is the second cheapest item after the blade armor at a price of only 1660 gold. But while this item is cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s useless folks.

With a low price point, this cursed helmet is the best early game item, especially when you’re on a trail against mage heroes.

Base status

Cursed Helmet Mobile Legends
Cursed Helmet Mobile Legends

While this cursed helmet comes at a low price, that doesn’t mean the benefits aren’t great. Adding the basic status given by this item is no joke folks.

Cursed Helm gives you an additional +1200 HP. This value is higher compared to Athena’s Shield and Immortality Items, which are items with additional magic resistance.

On top of that, the cursed helmet magical defense is no joke either, which is +25 magical resolution. So it is very suitable for you to use against mage heroes.

Passive: Burning soul

The passive of this cursed helmet item deals magical damage in the form of damage per second (DPS) to nearby enemies. This amount of damage is determined from 1.5% of the opponent’s maximum HP. So the higher the enemy’s HP, the greater the damage done.

Especially with vassals, this item inflicts 50% of the vassal’s maximum HP. Thus, this item will help you eliminate minions, but you have to give your carry hero the final hit. Subconsciously, this article also helps you to get assists.

Hero with a cursed helmet

Heroes suitable to purchase this cursed helmet are tanks that can effectively approach enemies and deal damage per second (DPS). Who are you? These are the heroes, guys.


Gatotkaca Mobile Legends
Gatotkaca Mobile Legends. Source: Duniagames

Skill 1 Gatotkaca deals damage to the enemy every second. Likewise with Skill 2. Thus, the item Cursed Helmet is very suitable for Gatot to buy. The damage Gatot does really hurts especially if you are purchasing this item. It’s getting sicker, man.


Hylos Mobile Legends
Hylos Mobile Legends

Skill 2 Hylos gives nearby enemy Heroes DPS. In addition, this skill will also give the enemy a slow effect. Paired with Skill 1, which gives a stun effect. When you buy a cursed helmet, those two skills are more effective when used by Hylos.


Belerick Mobile Legends
Belerick Mobile Legends

This cursed helmet is very suitable for Belerick because of its passive and ultimate abilities. Belerick’s passive skill “responds” to the damage done by the enemy and part of it becomes HP regeneration. So the greater the damage done by the enemy, the greater the damage it will undo. Using the “Cursed Helm” item increases the damage done by Belerick’s passive even more.

Belerick’s ultimate skill is not only passive, it can also make items with cursed helmets more effective. Belerick’s ultimate ability is plane.


Skill 2 Johnson deals damage per second. Now the damage from Skill 2 Johnson is even greater when combined with the item “Cursed Helmet”.


Skill 2 Balmond offers DPS and is scope. It is very suitable for this Balmond to use the Cursed Helmet item. This item makes Skill 2 Balmond’s damage more effective.

When was it bought?

This cursed helmet is very well suited to be purchased in the early game. You can purchase this item after purchasing the shoe item. This article will help you clear the lane quickly and the price is also relatively cheap. Hence, it is very suitable when purchased in the early game.

However, once you have entered the late game this item will be replaced with Immortality. Because in this phase you (tanker) do not need any more damage. They really need an item that offers defensive status to be a shield for their team.

This time, this is the discussion on the subject of the “Cursed Helmet”. Hopefully useful and good luck. Thanks very much.

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