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Mobile Legends Item Guide - Blade Armor, main item for Johnson

Guide Blade Armor Mobile Legends

Items are a must have in any MOBA genre game, including Mobile Legends. With the item, the heroes used by players can have a maximum status while playing, be it for attack or defense purposes.

One of the items in it is Blade Armor. Usually items are often used by tank heroes. It is very important for this hero to use this item, especially when dealing with enemies that have very high physical damage.

In this article, Mimin will continue to talk about the Blade Armor item. What’s so good about this article? Let’s watch the discussion below.

Base status

+90 armor: This is the selling point of this item as Blade Armor offers the largest armor upgrade in Mobile Legends. If you really need thick armor then buy this item.

You have to use armor against heroes who have physical damage. Well armor usually has to use this item. In fact, apart from the enormous armor, there is no other increase in status to this blade armor.

Passive: counterstrike

Mobile Legends blade armor
Mobile Legends blade armor

The passive of this blade armor is to reverse the enemy’s physical attack for 25% of the physical damage the enemy inflicts on us. For example, the enemy will deal 100 damage to us, then the enemy will take 25 damage from us.

But you need to make sure that this passive only works for ‘basic attacks’ and deals physical damage.

The razor armor passive had no cooldown, so if the enemy kept attacking they would be in pain, too. The higher the enemy’s physical attack, the faster their blood will sink due to the passive of this item.

You should also make sure that the physical damage caused by this passive blade armor can also be held by armor. For example, Akai buys an item of blade armor, then Layla attacks it, dealing 100 damage, causing Layla to take 25 damage.

However, when Layla buys an item of armor, whatever it is, the physical damage Layla takes from Hilda is reduced. Oh yeah, Blade Armor’s passive won’t work if you have a shield, like Johnson’s shield, either.

Suitable for who

Johnson Mobile Legends
Johnson Mobile Legends

Basically, this Blade Armor Item is very suitable for use by tank heroes. If you really need armor, this article is the right choice. Because just relying on high HP is not enough to reduce damage, for example damage from demon hunter sword.

However, the most suitable hero to use Blade Armor is Johnson. Why Johnson? Because Johnson’s abilities use armor as a modifier. Johnson’s passive, for example: the more armor, the thicker the shield. Skills 1 and 2 also require armor as a modifier.

Counterblade armor

Malefic Roar Mobile Legends
Malefic Roar Mobile Legends

We can counter this blade armor with Malefic Roar. With this item, your normal attack will penetrate 40% of the enemy’s armor. For example, if you buy blade armor, you will get an extra 90 armor.

But if the enemy buys Malefic Roar and attacks you with a basic attack, the working armor is only 54. Because Malefic Roar has reduced 40%.

Aside from Malefic Roar, Blade of the 7 Seas is another item that can counter Blade Armor. In contrast to Malefic Roar, where Blade of the 7 Seas has to use abilities to reduce enemy armor.

When you use a skill against an enemy hero, your armor is reduced by 25 points and this effect lasts for 3 seconds.

This time, that is the discussion about the subject of blade armor. Hope it’s useful.

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