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Mobile Legends Item Guide - Ancient Cuirass, enemy damage is not that painful with this item

Ancient Cuirass Guide - Mobile Legends
Ancient Cuirass Guide – Mobile Legends

One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is Antique Cuirass. This item is usually often used by tank heroes because it has a status affix that is really important to them.

This item comes from an item of defense, so this item is often used by tank or half-tank heroes. This item gives many statuses to the hero who bought it.

In this article, Mimin will talk more about the ancient cuirass item. What’s so good about this article? Let’s watch the discussion below.

Base status

Ancient Cuirass Mobile Legends
Ancient Cuirass Mobile Legends

Antuque Cuirass gives an additional HP of +920 Points. Hence, the heroes who buy this item will have very thick blood.

This article also offers additional +54 armor. It’s not as big as the Blade Armor item, the armor accessory, but the most useful thing about Antique Cuirass is its passivity. Since it has quite a large amount of additional armor, it is very good for this item to be used against high damage physical heroes.

In addition, this item gives you an additional HP regeneration of 30 points. It’s not a high additive, but it will still help you survive. Your HP will also be replenished during the trip.

We can increase this HP regeneration with Oracle items as it can increase HP regeneration by 25%. This gives you an additional 37.5 hp of rain.


Ancient Cuirass Mobile Legends
Ancient Cuirass Mobile Legends

The passivity of this ancient cuirass item is reduced Attack strength (physical attack or magical attack) the hero who attacked you. So if the enemy attacks you with simple attacks or abilities, then Attack strengthit will decrease by 6%.

If the enemy hero attacks again, then Attack strengthit will be reduced again by 6%. This reduction canstack up to three times. So if the enemy attacks you three times, then Attack strength they are reduced by 18%.

The effect of this Ancient Cuirass passive item will disappear 2 seconds after the enemy stops attacking you. However, if the enemy does not stop, this passive effect will continue to work and will stack at 18%. This effect disappears 2 seconds after the last enemy attack on you.

subtraction Attack strength 18% is not a lot of people, but when you combine it with objects defense– Others would be very helpful. Especially when the hero you are using has an ability that can reduce Attack strength Enemy.

Even if this ancient cuirass is an item physical defense because there is extra armor, but actually we can use this article as an article Magic defense. Because the passive of this item can reduce Attack strength Enemies up to 18% inclusive magical power.

When was it bought?

This item is very useful in the early game, especially against Assassin and Mage Heroes. The damage they do is actually very large in the early game. Therefore, one must be able to reduce their damage, one of which is with ancient cuirass items.

If you are in the same lane with enemy assassins (especially physical assassins), your best bet is to buy ancient cuirass items first. Remember, their early game damage really hurts. But if you are on the same trail with the enemy hero mage, it is better to buy a magical resistance item like Athena’s shield first.

Usually this antique cuirass is bought after the item of footwear. You can save this item in the second or third slot.

Suitable for who

Mobile legends
Mobile legends

Basically, this article is very suitable for all tankers. Adding base and passive status from Antique Cuirass is really very useful for tank drivers.

But battle heroes also frequently use this item. Usually they use this item which will play as a half tanker. Because when the fighter has pretty thick blood, even though it’s not as thick as a tanker.

Chou, Leomor, Alpha, and other fighters often use this item. Especially against physical heroes who do a lot of damage. So you really need extra armor and damage reduction.

That’s the discussion, guys this time, about antique quirass items. Hopefully useful and have fun experimenting.

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