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(Mobile Legends) GPX introduces roster and presents Aerowolf Star Player!

Lost some news after leaving the Genflix Aerowolf team, finally the most wanted players in this competitive scene showed their noses. Watt and friends are officially announced Roster Ax gang (GPX). From now on Wattt, Rinazmi, Kido and Fredo will defend the big banner of the team from Oura and their friends via their official Instagram account.

It is known that these four former Genflix aerowolf players disappeared without a trace. After MPL Season 7 yesterday, they are no longer under the patronage of the team with the wolf logo. Internal problems also affect her leaving the team.

The reason for this is that we in the management of Genflix Aerowolf discussed the question of the distribution of the prize money. Rinazmi revealed that in an exclusive interview Empetalk on Youtube. From Rinazmi’s narration it emerges that the distribution of the prize money for the players was paid out late, even their salaries, which should have been drawn every week from the MPL event, were also not paid.

This problem is of course rather strange. Because as professional player, it is their right to accept this as it is already included in the contractual agreement. From this matter dragged on, the announcement of the dissolution of the division Mobile legends also posted on her Instagram.

Currently, the professional tournament GPX is participating in is MDL Season 4. Most likely in week 5 we will see the four new players in the second tier event. Mobile legends.

MDL Season 4 GPX.

MDL Season 4 GPX. Above


Wattt, Fredo, Rinazmi and Kido will be Roster GPX starts this season. From the composition of the team, however, there is one more player to complete. It looks like we have to wait for the next announcement about the fifth player from the GPX team.

Who do you think will add to this team? Please post your thoughts in the comments section and read other KINCIR esports news.

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