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Mobile Legends Bane Bug can destroy towers in 3 seconds

Android31 – Although Mobile Legends is the most popular mobile game, it is inextricably linked with several bugs, this time the bug comes from heroes curse Mobile legends. Bane can destroy enemy towers or turrets in just 3 seconds. Where? Curious how to activate the bug? read this article to the end.

This bug was discovered by YouTuber Hororo-chan who often create interesting content about Mobile Legends. It is known that the bug is very similar to the previous tower bug, namely the Aldous Damage Bug with its 1. In the video below, Bane only needs 3 seconds, the opposing tower is immediately destroyed along with his shield.

It has been known that every time he uses his passive ability, which is Bane Shark Bite, it is activated to deal more damage to the enemy in a relatively small area. Uniquely, the passive can be stacked 2 times to add even more damage. However, it turns out that when combined with the Malefic Roar penetration item and the jungle mage killer emblem ignoring tower defenses, the damage done to the enemy tower can penetrate more than 1500 damage per hit.

Note: To do more damage, it is recommended to increase the damage items, e.g. B. Using 2 Desperate Blades.

Worse, a tower only has 4200 health. With only 3 hits, the enemy tower will be completely exhausted by the mistake. Of course, this bug can be viewed as a fairly serious bug and a game breaking bug that can destroy the gameplay.

Especially after the makeover, Bane became one of the Mobile Legends heroes who was pretty OP. Before fixing it, please try this bug to win the match against your enemies. Oh yes, Android31 can top up Mobile Legends Diamonds too, just click the link below to top up Mobile Legends Diamonds.

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