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Title: Mobile Legend Marksman Tips: Best Strategy, Hero, Item & Emblem Set
Link: Mobile Legend Marksman Tips: Best strategy, hero, item and emblem set

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Mobile Legend Marksman Tips: Best Strategy, Hero, Item & Emblem Set

Sagittarius is a high damage role hero with a ranged hero type.

Ranged combat is a hero type with simple attacks that can be carried out remotely.

Hero MM is most commonly used as a carry or ADC (Attack Damage Carry).

Carry is a role in the team, the task of which is to inflict the greatest damage on the opposing team. Usually weak in the early game (early) and very strong in the late game (late).

Sagittarius is also the hero chosen most often, it is very rare that there is no Sagittarius on a team, except for teams that want to play fast. Because the shooter game has to be late.

5 strongest marksman heroes in the mobile legend

Before going to the tips on using the sniper guide, here are the 5 current Meta Marksman heroes.

META: Most effective tactic available Can be interpreted as the existing tactics / strategies in the current patch, as these tactics can change.

1. Lesley

Lesley is a sniper hero type who has quite a long attack distance compared to other MM heroes.

Lesley is a heroine with a combination of Marskman and Assassin roles, which makes her very unique.

Usually MM is a weak hero at the beginning, but unlike Lesley, Lesley is one of the strongest MM heroes from the beginning of the game to the end.

Rarely attacks far and has high mobility and great damage, especially high critical, snipers / mages can die with one direct shot and even kill with one hit.

Lesley is a heroine who is often banned in draft pick mode or in tournaments due to her above-average shooter.

2. Irithelium

Irithel is the first mobile legendary hero who brings animals, this hero rides a tiger to help him.

Basic attack skills that can be performed while walking make this hero very unique and very difficult to track as you could get killed in pursuit of this hero.

Irithel is also great for ganking with teammates.

Gank consists of besieging one or more enemy heroes with multiple teammates.

3. Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun Shin Genius War General is a hero who came from Korea.

Yi Sun Shin has 2 main weapons, namely a bow and a sword.

This enables him to carry out attacks from a great distance with both his arrows and near his sword.

With this hero on the opposing team, you need to be careful to remember when your health is low or dies.

Health or Hit Point (HP) is the hero’s blood / stamina.

Because Yi Sun Shin has the ultimate ability, which can also attack in the base over long distances.

YSS is also often selected in professional mobile legend tournaments.

4. Bruno

Bruno is a hero who carries the ball as a weapon, this hero has good escape skills.

His sledging skills make it very easy to run away or chase the enemy.

Bruno can also damage opponents remotely with his 1st skill and if the ball is taken from him or his teammates, the cooldown of his 1st skill is reset.

Cooldown is the time it takes for an ability to be used again.

Can be used for skill spam. Spam is continuous.

Also, Bruno has a passive skill that adds a pretty high critical effect of 20%.

5. Roger

Roger is a human hero, a hero with a combination of archer and warrior, which makes him very strong in one-on-one.

Roger is a hero with six skills and two modes, warrior and archer. In warrior mode, he transforms into a deadly wolf.

With a full set of items, Roger is currently the strongest warrior.

Well, you already know the best marksman there is in META right now.

5 Sagittarius must buy items

Before entering Sagittarius game strategy, you must first know the 5 recommended items that need to be purchased.

1. Haas’ Claws

This item must be purchased in order for a sniper to survive single combat against a mage / assassin. Because it adds 20% Lifesteal and 70% Physical Attack.

And when HP is below 40% it adds another 10% lifesteal that can survive when alone with a mage or assassin. Enemy.

2. Demon hunter sword

This item is used to destroy tanks that have a lot of armor and are thick as it has a passive ability that causes a 10% reduction in the target’s current HP.

Demon hunter swords are commonly referred to as anti-armor items.

Because of this HP reduction, the enemy armor is ignored, if you hit MM with items like this, just multiply the items adding HP but don’t forget about other Def items.

In addition, this item can also provide 4% life steal for each basic attack, can be stacked up to 3 times, which means that you get 12% life steal from this item, which is suitable as a replacement for Haas Claws.

3. Fast boots

Sniper really needs high movement speed, so it is not easy to band together from the enemy.

By wearing speed boots the hero moves faster as it adds 50 movement speed which makes the hero faster and more agile.

Actually for boots according to every style of play.

4. Berseker’s anger

Critical items suitable for shooters, additional 25% critical chance and 40% critical damage which is very large.

This item can be combined with Scarlet Phantom, fast attack speed and a large critical point, can really hit 1-3 times the mage / assassin dies.

5. Desperate Blade

Blade of Despair is a Mobile Legend Item with the most painful attack damage as it adds 170 physical attacks which are quite large.

Great for snipers to add damage in the late game as the enemy armor needs to be full.

Sometimes you can buy more than one of these items in the late game, although the passive cannot stack, but the goal is not the passive but the extra attributes you have.

3 recommended emblems for shooters

Above we explained the 5 mandatory MM items, now we will discuss the emblem settings used for shooters.

1. Burst type contactors

The above shooter emblem set is suitable for shooters whose play style is “Hit and Run”, such as Yi Sunshin, Lesley, Bruno and Clint.

Since the above emblem set adds 8% extra physical damage and properties to the existing equipment, so you can get 48% extra physical damage when 6 physical items are hit.

2. DPS contactor type

The emblem set above is suitable for a play style that relies on attack speed.

The new talent effect feels right in the middle of the game, the matching heroes for the above emblem are Layla, Miya, Karrie, Moskov and Irithel.

3. Jungler Sagittarius

If you are made a jungler as a team, you can use the assassin emblem.

The above emblem is good for jungle shooters as it increases movement speed, physical penetration, and increases damage by 6% when only targeting one hero, good for gangking.

Combat spells suitable for shooters

1. flicker, This spell can be used to pursue or escape enemy pursuit, but you should only use it to escape.

2. Retribution, This spell is used for jungle shooters to kill monsters in the forest faster.

3. Rage, This is the third choice for marksmen as it can increase attack speed and the physical attack is suitable for war / team fighting.

Best track / best track for shooters

Now we learn the best lane that is suitable for a shooter and 2 best lanes for a shooter

1. Middle lane

Playing in the midlane is more effective for farming faster as you can easily walk into the jungle and make sure you are alone in the midlane.

Because if you are alone in the midlane, you can get more gold, as gold and EXP are not shared with other heroes.

You also have to keep your distance, do not go too deep into the tower, because assassins are always lurking for snipers in the middle lane.

2nd track down / up

If the middle lane has been filled in by a magician or other hero, you can choose the lower or upper lane as a second option.

It is recommended that you do not work three lanes on your own or by yourself so that you can farm it quickly as the archer needs really strong objects.

Game strategy

Start of the game

You can buy jungle items early in the game and can be upgraded to nimble blades or looting axes if you bring a retribution spell. Swift blade for attack and plunder ax for defense.

Clean up the minions in the alley and try to score the final hit for extra gold.

After eliminating the servant, you can hike to another lane to help out a friend who is alone and come back when another servant shows up in your lane.

Mid to late game

Do not go alone without teammates lest you die in vain and give gold to your opponent.

The key to protecting is positioning.

Find a safe position and keep your distance from enemy heroes with CC (crowd control) skills. Crowd control is a skill / object that can control, reduce or limit the ability of an opponent to move.

The shooter must be the first time the enemy assassin is targeted because it is very dangerous if the shooter can be freely hit just in the late game.

So look at the position of the enemy assassin / fighter and teammates, position your hero in the middle of the tank and fighter, don’t be too far in front or behind in team fights.

Try to get free hits to make it easier for you to win in teamfights.

this is a guide / guide / tips on how to use Marksman Mobile Legend, hopefully it will be useful to all of you.

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