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MOBA genre, Pokemon Unite game will be released soon

JAKARTA-KEMPALAN: For lovers of Pokemon characters, a game called Pokemon Unite will be launched in 2021. Previously, Pokemon GO was the Pokemon game that was pretty viral and attracted a lot of interest from users. The game Pokemon Unite itself has a very different format than Pokemon GO. Where Pokemon Unite has the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre.

This game from Tencent TiMi Studios made history as a Pokemon game with the MOBA genre. This is a new color in the Pokemon game as well as a good move from Tencent in grounding this game in various user segments. Keep in mind that the MOBA genre game has been booming over the last few years. Like DOTA, Mobile Legends, and Leauge of Legends games.

Tencent TiMi Studios is a very well known game developer in the game industry as a whole. From the cold hands of Tencent TiMi Studios, various viral games with different genres were born. For example, the games Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings have become one of the two most successful games in recent years.

Pokemon Unite will later be available for download from the Play Store and the Apps Store. In addition, this game can also be run on various smartphone devices, from Android to iOS to Nintendo Switch.

Tencent TiMi Studios has not provided an official release schedule for the game Pokemon Unite. However, the game Pokemon Unite has released a trailer and a trailer for this game on the official Nintendo website. Pokemon fans and MOBA genre players will have to wait for this game to be released. (Rafi Aufa Mawardi)

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