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Minotaur Mobile Legends get Nerf in the latest revision

Android31 – Mobile Legends recently released a new update that includes several makeovers, including a makeover for Tank Heroes Minotaur. This revision is eagerly awaited by many gamers as the Minotaur should be included in the current META.

Minotaur is a hero who has enough CC skill and support healing to help his teammates. In addition to this, Minotaur also has an anger mode that can increase defense and physical damage.

Unfortunately, in this makeover, Minotaur also gets a nerf for its abilities. It can be seen from the video above which explains the pre and post overhaul difference that the Minotaur receives. After the makeover, Minotaur will get a cooldown reset when it enters Rage Mode, allowing users to use all of Minotaur’s abilities right out of the box, including its ultimate ability.

Unfortunately, players will find it harder to get into rage mode in the future as Moonton reduces the rage income that comes from giving rage. In comparison, it takes Elgin 34 hits from Minotaur to get Rage Mode after the rework and only 17 hits from Minotaur to get Rage Mode on the original server.

In addition, the Rage income effect will be removed after using Skill 2 and replaced with the additional physical attack damage that depends on the Minotaur’s health by 4%. In fact, the Minotaur is a hero himself who relies heavily on his rage bar to start the war.

So the hidden nerf from Mobile Legends for the Minotaur. For those of you who want to top up diamonds in Mobile Legends, you can top up diamonds on Android31 by clicking the link below.

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