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Manage and create Aulus Mobile Legends Pain 2021

Android31Aulus is a hero role fighter the latest, which will be published soon in Mobile legends. This hero has the ability Burst damage which causes very high damage per second.

For those of you who are interested in this hero and intend to use him in battle Land of the Dawn, read How to guide and build Aulus Mobile Legends violated 2021 including:

Build Items Aulus Mobile Legends Hurts 2021

1. Warrior boots

For the first article, it is clear that you need to use the footwear item Warrior boots. This article can increase Speed ​​of movement and Physical armor Additive.

That way, you can easily win a one-on-one duel with enemy heroes because you get extra armor given by Warrior boots.

For alternative other footwear items you can use Robust boots or Fast shoes which can increase the speed Aulus.

2. War ax

Personally, I think so War ax is an item that was made for that one hero. With War ax Aulus will get an upgrade 550 max hp, 45 Physical attack, 10% cooldown reduction.

other than that passive effect this article offers additional Physical attack 9 and Physical penetration 3 every second for 3 seconds.

3. Bloodlust ax

The third item that you should buy is this Bloodlust ax. This article is perfect for Aulus who rely on skills to kill the enemy. This article will give you an upgrade 20% magic vampire, it will recover a little mobile when you use skills.

Not only that, Bloodlust ax also improve 70 Physical attack and 10% cooldown reduction.

4. Corrosion scythe

Corrosion scythe can improve Physical attack, Speed ​​of movement and Attack speed Aulus.

The passive impact of this article fits in perfectly Aulus. With Basic attack Aulus can give Slow movement speed effect by 30% to the enemy. You can use this item to hunt down enemies easily.

5. Brute force breastplate

The next one is Brute Force Breastplate Defense Items, As a fighter Of course Aulus will deal directly with many enemy heroes, so this item will help strengthen mobile which is owned.

increase 750 hp max., 50 Physical Defense as well as a passive effect that increases movement speed by 6%, armor and Magic resistance up to 4% after Aulus use Basic attack as well as skills.

other than that passive effect these can be stacked up to five times what does Aulus thicker than the opponent’s attack.

6. Immortality

Many already know the use of this item, an item that is very useful when late game. This article can increase mobile and defense heard Aulus.

Build the sickest Aulus Mobile Legends emblem in 2021

Fighter emblem set

As a fighter it’s obvious when Aulus need to use Fighter emblem set. With this emblem you get an upgrade physical attack, physical penetration, defense, and also mobile maximum. To improve your talent, you can use the upgrade below.

Level 1 Talents: Valor

Tier 1 stories are bravery, with this level Aulus will get an upgrade physical attack of 4 points per level. Because of this Aulus will get extra 12 points of attack in early game what will increase the damage output.

Level 2 Talents: Invasion

invasion is a talent that will be useful for Aulus. Because with this talent Aulus will get an upgrade physical penetration of 2 points on each level. With this talent Aulus can easily penetrate the enemy’s physical defenses.

Stage 3: Deactivating Strike

The third talent is Deactivate strike. With this talent Aulus can improve physical attack by 30% if successful give slow action to the enemy.

Build Spell Aulus Mobile Legends Hurts 2021


flicker is curse suitable for Aulus, there curse this is suitable for use with combo skills from Aulus. Or it can also be used to escape enemy pursuit.

Build Combo Aulus Mobile Legends Pain 2021

Skill 1> Basic Attack> Skill 2> Basic Attack> Ultimate Skill> Basic Attack. Make sure that you always attack your opponent Basic attack Every time a skill is used to maximize damage.

Tips for Aulus Mobile Legends Pain 2021

1. Don’t be afraid to use Immortal Wrath (U) give Crowd control as well as major damage;

2. Use Aulus, load! (1) through restraint, so as to be able to easily pursue the enemy.

The last word

Therefore How to guide and build Aulus Mobile Legends violated 2021. If you have a build that is sicker than my build above, feel free to comment using the comments column below.

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