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Lucky Star Mobile Legends Event Tricks

Android31 – After there were many new skins at this year’s Christmas event, Mooton will host an event this time “Lucky Star” in Mobile Legends with lots of prizes, items, skins and free heroes that you can use permanently. Below are the rules and conditions for attending the event.

Lucky Star is currently running on the Advance server, where all players will have access to all heroes released before November 30th, 2021. Not only heroes, but you can also access free skins released before November 30, 2021. Heroes and skins that you have received can also be used in games in Classic and Ranked mode.

I have explained how to get all of the prizes in this event, now I’m going to explain the rules so that the prizes you receive are not deducted by Moonton. Prizes at the Lucky Star event can only be used in an account with the same server, you cannot sell or lend your account to anyone else.

In this event you can only win one hero or skin, if you are lucky you can get both. Don’t be sad if you don’t get a hero or skin at this event because Moonton is giving you free trial rewards for you.

Unfortunately, Moonton has not yet given any official information as to when this event will be available on the original server. Hopefully Moonton can release this event to the original server right away in the future and can be enjoyed by all Mobile Legends players.

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