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Looking for weaknesses? How to defeat Angela easily – No ban necessary! Here’s how to beat Angela’s Mobile Legends easily + complete with a list of weaknesses.

As one of the support heroes who sells well in the arena, Angela receives high praise for her ability to easily penetrate and help teammates. So don’t be surprised if Angela becomes a heroine to be banned with Johnson, Lancelot, and Gusion during season eight.

But is it true that Angela is strong enough to become a subscription hero? forbidden for epic level and above?

The facts in the arena said so. Angela’s Ultimate makes a 1-on-1 game unbalanced. Angela can easily have a friend who wants to start a war or help a dying friend.

Of course, this is very difficult for the opponent as the absorption generated is thicker than Angela’s own HP. The addition of the movement speed effect to this ability has made Angela the most famous hero buy it. Together with his host, he can pursue a dying enemy or flee the battle arena faster.

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Even if she gets banned a lot for being considered pretty dangerous, that doesn’t mean Angela has no weaknesses, guys! Playing smart is key to defeating Angela easily.

Angela’s Weaknesses in Mobile Legends You Should Know!

But before you listen to different ways to beat Angela in mobile legends, it might be a good idea to know some of Angela’s weaknesses below.

1. Low defense

Angela with little defense

Despite the ability to protect teammates, it turns out that Angela has quite a low level of defense. If Angela takes one harm in a row, it cannot be ruled out that Angela may die that quickly.

When the team is ready to wage war, an assassin must be careful when using his skills. In this case, an assassin must steal the opportunity to kill Angela from various positions.

When Angela died, it would indirectly affect the opponent’s formation random random, Given the support and the healer, they died first.

The heroes who can easily kill Angela even with full items of defense are Saber, Natalia, Lancelot, and Lesley.

2. Long ultimate cooldown and cast time

Although Angela’s Ultimate is known to be very functional because it can offer various kinds of abnormal effects that will benefit teammates, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any weaknesses of its own.

The cooldown and ultimate cast are long enough to often make some Angela players nervous about fighting an open war. The cooldown itself can actually be tricked by using multiple items that have a cooldown reduction effect.

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But not on Angela’s Ultimate Cast. Yup! Having a teammate takes a long time. If you take the ultimate position, it is not out of the question that Angela will be killed by the assassin player.

Now, in moments like this, you can kill Angela who wants her teammates to own.

3. Can’t solo track

His name is hero support! It’s appropriate since Angela really can’t fight alone as a support hero. In addition to his ability to actually be shown to teammates, the damage Angela does is arguably very minor.

If you want to survive by relying on skill 1’s healing ability, it is very difficult. Let alone killing enemies, killing minions and monsters also takes quite a long time.

4. Can’t farms & jungles

I suggest if you want to farm never choose Angela’s heroes at the beginning of the game. Because like I said, it takes Angela a long time to kill an opponent, a monster or a servant.

Unlike snipers and assassins who can kill jungle monsters with just 3-5 hits, Angela needs dozens of basic attacks so that the monsters in front of her can peacefully die.

5. Tasteless healing effect

As we know, supporting character heroes generally have the ability to maintain or raise our blood. As well as,

  • Rafaela’s second skill can add a friend’s blood and give a movement speed effect to chase or run away from the enemy.
  • As a healer, Estes can fill the blood of teammates at will.
  • Minotour’s second skill can provide the same great healing benefits as Rafaela.
  • Lolita as a support tank can provide an absorption (white blood) effect with a very short cooldown.
  • So what can Angela do?

Just like other support heroes, Angela also has the ability to heal a team of a team. Unfortunately, thousands of loved ones, the healing provided by the first skill does not really feel the effects. Again, with her ultimate ability to help her teammates, Angela can only hope.

Now that you understand what Angela’s weaknesses are, you can easily develop a strategy to defeat her. So there is no longer any forbidden hero support required!

How to Beat Angela Easily in Mobile Legends

1. Use Hero with Burst Damage

Eudora Mobile Legends

As we discussed earlier, Angela has very low Defense and very small HP for the size of the support. This weakness should be exploited when choosing a hero to defeat him.

Eudora might be the right choice to defeat Angela in a moment. This means that you can only attack by surprise, that is, attack immediately and kill Angela at that point.

Given the great harm Eudora can do, I think this choice can help you.

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But it is a must to remember! Some Angela players sometimes chose to end up in line. This is certainly not suitable for Eudora, so you can select the hero below for the next option.

2. Use the hero charger

According to the first point in the review of Angela’s weakness, it is clear that Angela has no defense mechanisms other than having friends or fleeing the battlefield.

The only selection of spells that player Angela frequently uses is Flicker, which helps her escape the opponent’s attack. But no matter how far Angela goes, she can’t move when she meets loading heroes like Jawhed and Uranus.

If it still doesn’t fit your desired hero role, then you can choose the next Angela Mobile Legends hero counter.

3. Use Hero Disabler

Saber Mobile Legends

This role is the best Angela counter-hero you can choose. As the Disabler hero, you can easily kill Angela in one ambush. Not only that, the disabled hero can thwart Angela’s ultimate goal as well.

Some of the most effective heroes who kill Angela are Saber, Hylos, and Zilong. As an assassin, Saber can easily thwart the ultimate cast of an Angela. It’s even possible Saber can kill Angela with just one ultimate swing.

4. Use petrifying or stunning spells

The final tip to defeat Angela is to use Petrify or Stun, which can be found in the Battle Spells menu. This spell makes it easier for you to stop Angela’s movement (stun).

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To use this spell, you need a hero with fairly high HP, namely a tank or a fighter. Assassins or snipers are not recommended to use this combat spell.

The last word

So the article that discusses the weaknesses and how to beat Angela Mobile Legends easily. Hopefully this article helps, and don’t forget to check out other gaming articles, okay!

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