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List of 5 best free firearms in close combat

Android31 – Melee combat is very exciting and tense indeed, especially for those of you who enjoy playing Battle Royale games.

Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games and has been played by many smartphone users around the world.

Hence, we are going to give 5 recommendations of the best weapons for close-range combat in Free Fire game to get Booyah!

5. MP5

MP5 is a Free Fire weapon that belongs to the submachine gun class. This weapon was introduced in 1966 under the name HK54. The advantages of MP5 weapons are high accuracy and relatively high rate of fire, although they are still inferior to some other submachine guns.

This weapon is very suitable for use in close to medium-range combat. This weapon can also be combined with various attachments such as a silencer, muzzle, fore grip, magazine and telescopic sight. MP5 is also very suitable for beginners.

4. UMP

This weapon is the successor to the MP5, the UMP’s projectile speed is slower than that of the MP5, but the damage it does is greater.

Both the MP5 and UMP use a 48 bullet capacity (before using the magazine).

3. SPAS12

SPAS12 is also used very well in close combat. This weapon belongs to the shotgun category and, if used very skillfully and correctly, can be a very deadly weapon in close combat. This weapon is made in Italy.

With a damage rating of 97, SPAS12 can kill you with a shot or two.

2. P90

The next Free Fire weapon, which is also a mainstay in close combat, is the P90. With a large number of bullet capacities and a deadly rate of fire, the P90 can tear apart the enemy’s armor very quickly. Despite its many advantages, the P90 also has a weakness, namely that it cannot be combined with Silencer, Muzzle or Foregrip.

1. MP40

The best free-fire weapon in close combat, the MP40. This weapon has the fastest rate of fire of any weapon in Free Fire. This weapon was introduced a long time ago but is still very good and to this day the choice of many players in hand-to-hand combat.

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