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LIRE, the original Indonesian horror game!

Android31Zhero Island is a game development company from Depok, Indonesia that was recently rumored to have a game called. brings out LIRE. LIRE is a horror genre game inspired by old school horror games like IB and The Witch House. What was popular because it was being played by Youtubers in the near future, unlike IB and The Witch House, LIRE is created with a 3D version, which of course causes tension and creeps when playing. This game has actually been in development since 2021, but recently its name just hit the market.


LIRE tells the story of a girl named Eva Antoinette who has moved the countries for 10 years, who finally visits the place of his childhood together with his cat named SebastianHe wanted to reminisce in this place, but Sebastian was suddenly gone. A panicked Eve tries to find Sebastian, which eventually leads Eve into a mysterious house full of ghosts.

Similar to the games IB and The Witch House, this game is an interactive horror puzzle game in which players have to solve different puzzle sets in order to continue the story in the game. But be careful because there will be many ghosts that will haunt you and kill you.

LIRE is not Zhero Island’s first game. Zhero Island has been publishing flash-based games since 2013. One of his works is Trapped in The Haunted House.

If you are interested, you can support the game LIRE with a donation via the link below. Also visit the official website, Instagram and Twitter Developer to have more information about LIRE in the future.


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