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LifeAfter Guide: A New Chapter For Newbies - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

playgames-id – There are two ways to track the progress of this LifeAfter game, first follow the existing newbie quests and complete them or explore manually, get tasks, get items or quest rewards, and more importantly, you get a lot of skill exp to increase skill points.

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The Newbie Guide is located in the top right corner of the game screen. To access it, just tap the newbie button and that’s where you can accept the mission. To claim the reward is on the first page and on the second page to see the ongoing quest.

LifeAfter Guide: A New Chapter for Newbies
LifeAfter Guide: A New Chapter for Newbies

You can also mark an existing task or quest. For example, quests to build weapons, armor or houses. All of these missions require resources to be found around the house or in the wild.

Use a helicopter as a means of transport between the islands. Signs such as the red exit icon on the map indicate the location of the helicopter, from there you can fly to the island where you are looking for resources, into the city or into the war zone.

First, look for materials in the first safe area, which is in the autumn forest. You can open one area at a time that wasn’t originally opened by increasing the skill level. Skill levels can be increased by completing daily quests or grinding to kill zombies, as well as collecting resources.

Herbstwald LifeAfter map guide

After entering this area, open the map by tapping the minimap at the top right, on the left there is a description of what materials are in the area. Follow or go to the symbol on the map for example to get certain materials; Berries (food) are indicated by a green fruit symbol, hemp is indicated by an orange leaf symbol. Gather these resources down as much as possible.

After you are done collecting resources and your backpack is full, look for a helicopter (in the red exit symbol map), go up the stairs as the helicopter is above the tower.

The items or resources you collected in the backpack are still infected items, so you cannot take these items home with you directly. The way to bring these resources home is to send them by post / post, NPC postman is right next to the helicopter, with him you can send the items and pick them up through the mailbox at your house. Postman also works for storing goods, because there is a limit to the goods that we send per day (rarely), the goods are first stored in the postman and then sent later.

Health hunger HP bar – LifeAfter

As in other survival games, here in LifeAfter you have to keep your character in good condition. If you don’t keep the HP bar, health, and hunger full, your character will die.

  • Hunger – Search the map for food (berries) or hunt animals (deer, bears) for meat. Find a hotplate in the house (blue house symbol) and you can cook meat / fruit to eat.
  • HP – Use a bandage to increase HP, the bandage is made up of 9 parts Hemp, See the menu for hemp.
  • Health – Protect your body from negative effects, do not make your body shake from the rain and cold air.

How to add friends in LifeAfter

There is a button at the bottom of the screen, tap the chat box -> then go to the Contacts tab -> look for the player (friend) name and add it. To create a group, tap the (Flag) option in the top left of the quest field. Tap an empty area to create a team.

LifeAfter Skills Guide

Tap the home button in the top left corner of the screen. The Skills Options tab. There are three skills or abilities of your character.

  • Collect – To improve this skill you just have to collect the resources on the map and your collecting skills will automatically increase.
  • struggle – To improve your fighting skills, you will have to hunt zombies, animals or mutants.
  • Craft – Craft or craft something to increase Craft’s point level.

As you do activities like mining, cutting, hunting, and crafting / crafting, the above three skills will be upgraded. As the skill point increases, a recipe for crafting advanced items will be opened, and specifically for combat skills, your character will become stronger.

To improve the skills, dollars and skill points are required. Dollars are the universal currency in the LifeAfter game that you can get by completing certain tasks or quests, by selling items to NPCs, or through login rewards.

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