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LifeAfter Game Tips and Tricks You Should Know - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Life after is a very addicting mobile game that I can find on Load game at the moment. There are lots of interesting things you can do so that you don’t get bored of staying logged in and playing every day.

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Some of the activities I like about this game; PvP on the map of Nancy (Map War), boss fight with friends, jokes with friendscamp, also compete in events for attractive prizes with other players, only that you can experience a lot more fun in the game. Life after This.

Tips and tricks for playing LifeAfter Games 2021
LifeAfter game tips and tricks

I also posted a guide and tips about the LifeAfter game the other day, but I’m not satisfied. Today I don’t hesitate to share and add a collection of tips and tricks that you should know about. Given all the new things I find in this game almost every time, so there will be even more tips and tricks in the future that I will add in this post, I recommend that you always keep an eye on the PlayGames ID blog, so you don’t miss anything.

Other LifeAfter items

    Insider tips and tricks for playing LifeAfter games

    Use skill points wisely

    Maybe this is not that influential at the beginning of the game, but over time and when your character has reached a high level you will find that you have made a very fatal mistake. You must already know that you need skill points and also new dollars to increase skills.

    It feels easy at first, but believe me, it will be more expensive to upgrade your character’s skills. So I strongly recommend using this skill point wisely and computationally.

    A typical example of this is where you would spend around 14,000 to 15,000 skill points just to open level 4 tools. Raising the level of the tools is mandatory if you want to get higher level resources that are in the high difficulty area. You’ll need to unlock new skills as they become available.

    However, you need to choose the right skill, for example when collecting skills. The most important thing here is to increase the skills of high-level tools. With crafting skills, it is important to increase your thick armor and your ability to craft solid weapons (to improve your studies).

    Don’t waste resources killing bosses in Sandcastle.

    Bosses or elite mobs in the LifeAfter game can appear on two maps, the first is in the Autumn Forest (for those who play on the Charlestown server) and the second is on the Sandcastle map. Personal experience, do not waste all available resources, do not waste bullets, guns, food, drugs, etc. to face the boss in the sand castle. Aside from being hard to kill, this boss’s blood can soar very quickly, not to mention when a sandstorm suddenly pops up that causes everything to fall apart. you’d better just chase the boss in the autumn forest.

    Always look out for the minimap in the upper right corner

    When the blue dot appears (flashes), this is a sign of an NPC who can give you quests. Please look for the NPC and chat with Bro, he’ll give you quests in exchange for juicy prizes like treasure maps, rare items, dollars, etc.

    Important, do all newbie quests

    Please read this fourth point again, this newbie quest is so important to you because if you complete each stage of this newbie quest, you will receive a very valuable prize. This newbie quest consists of several chapters and in the chapter there are quest levels that you can complete, after completing a level in a chapter you are entitled to experience the award.

    Must bring boxes of ammunition to travel to Miska University

    It can be said that this map or area is the hell mode of the LifeAfter game, in which there are hordes of zombies hungrily hunting and eating the contents of your head. This requires careful preparation from camp / home, prepare food, medicines and most importantly an ammunition box before entering this cursed area. There are ammunition boxes in several places, but sometimes you definitely need your own ammunition box.

    Use the option to finish in bed

    Anyone who already has a bed in the house (of course you already have it, hehe) can use it for sleeping and it can also be used to restore the HP bar. If you select the Use option and then Quit, you will automatically exit the LifeAfter game, but this method increases the durability of the armor you wear without reducing the sturdiness of the armor. Instead of repairing, it is better to use this method.

    Upgrade walls and doors as soon as possible

    Upgrading walls and doors is something that you need to do right away as defense is very important. Zombies will attack your warehouse / house regularly when the age of the warehouse is 7 days. To upgrade you need an “enchantment item”, you can produce this item on the material bank.

    Use the sell / buy functions in the market in Hope 101

    This method is almost always the last option when I’m having trouble (lazy: p) finding materials for crafting purposes. Here you can buy and sell items with other players. Selling items will give you gold bars (How to get gold bars in LifeAfter game). Come to this place often because sometimes there are players who sell rare items at low prices.

    Playing cards in the cabin

    You can get extra dollars by playing cards in the hut / house located on the card where you can find supplies. The cards are on the table, but to be able to play this card game you have to invite people around you, if they want, then you can play them.

    Use high-level tools

    Using high-level tools will give you more resources (wood, stone, ore, etc.) If you are still using low-level tools (stone ax, etc.), switch to high-level tools immediately. The requirement to be able to build high level tools is to raise the point of ability and update the basic logging / miner.

    Complete daily quests on the leaderboard

    If you want to increase your level of performance quickly, this is the best choice. Completing quests from this board will earn you championship points from many crafting, combat, and gathering points. In addition, you receive a large number of attractive prices.

    Do daily events from the furniture store NPC in Hope 101

    These tips may be more specific for those of you who often hunt or pvp. Anyone who fights often needs to know what power is. The reward for completing the quest from the Furniture Store NPC is in the form of food, drumsteak food. This food can restore your vitality.

    Grow infected blood

    If you are short of new dollars, please breed infected blood from zombies. for per stack you can sell it to the NPC for $ 2000.

    Get to camp as soon as possible

    The benefits that you get when you join the camp can access the exclusive shop, marchers and mansion. You can also take part in camp events such as Patrol Quests, Infected Invasion, Target Training, Ppound Camp, Territory, Boss Fight Camp (Sunday), Sesource Chest, and Daily Canteen Quests.

    Swap medals

    You can exchange drill medals for essential items such as formula shards, ammo boxes, adrenaline, skill points, mechanical equipment, etc. To exchange medals, it is enough to speak to the Acer NPC located in Hope 101.

    This is a collection of the best LifeAfter game tips for beginners. I am summarizing these tips so that you can play new players well and not make fatal mistakes like your predecessors, hehe.

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