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Latest patch update for Mobile Legends, Nerf to Beatrix!

Android31 – For you players Mobile legends, and use often Beatrix in every game. Need to know what we are going to share in this article.

Beatrix is ​​a Mobile Legends hero who has suffered unreasonable damage or can be described as overpowering. Where? If there are no items in the early game, that one hero can kill his opponent with just a few attacks. Therefore, Moonton is offering Nerf for Beatrix in this latest patch update.

on Mobile Legends patch update 1.5.70 This gives Beatrix a nerf during the early game, for more details you can see Beatrix’s nerf changes below:

  • Wesker: Damage reduction for the same target from 50% is 40% and adds life-robbing effect of 50% – 80%
  • Bennet: Damage 120 + 240% physical attack – 70 + 280% and increases the projectile speed
  • Hit: Lifesteal increased from 50% – 80% and initial bullet damage decreased from 225 + 450% – 125 + 500%
  • Nibiru: Reduced early game damage 26 + 52% – 15 + 60%

Even so, considering that this Nerf only applies during the early game, you don’t need to worry.

With this nerf, Mobile Legends players who use Beatrix must use heroes well and intelligently because if you lose in the early game and are immediately ganked by your opponent, you lose the momentum for farming and can in the mid and late games games, even epic comebacks, become an operating theater.

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