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Latest Kagura Mobile Legends Starlight Skin released in April 2021

Android31 – Previously, we wrote an article about 8 Mobile Legends skins that will be released this year. And our prediction is correct, Mobile Legends will release the latest skin in the Starlight event. This time the skin is given to Kagura, Kagura is a Mobile Legends hero of the magician type.

Rainy Walk is the name of Kagura’s starlight skin, with this skin Kagura will have a very nice look by holding a yellow umbrella and this skill also changes the effect of Kagura’s skills.

Starting from skill 1 to the ultimate skill will change, you can read the details of the skill below:

  • Skill 1: Kagura throws the umbrella she is holding at the enemy, dealing damage to the enemy affected by this attack.
  • Skill 2: Kagura leaves the umbrella in her hand and Kagura jumps in the direction chosen by the player.
  • Ultimate ability: Kagura throws her umbrella and also ties the enemy with a rope coming out of her umbrella and pulls the enemy to meet the umbrella thrown by Kagura.

See the video below for more details.

From now on, please fill in your Mobile Legends Diamond to receive this cool Kagura Skin, or you can top up the Mobile Legends Diamond on Android31 by clicking the link below.

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