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Title: Latest build Leomord Mobile Legends
Link: Latest Build Leomord Mobile Legends

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Latest build Leomord Mobile Legends

Counter shooter!  This is the latest version of Leomord Mobile Legends

Of course, to make Leomord the strongest and deadliest fighter you have to use items that add physical attack and also critical give damage the great.

And here we have the latest build recommendations for the Leomord Mobile Legends hero in Season 18.

Let’s just find out the build list below. Checkidot!

Build Leomord Season 18

1. Warrior boots

Latest Leomord builds

Warrior boots is the first item you need to buy. Where this element +22. can add Physical defense and +40 Speed ​​of movement about the hero Leomord.

In addition to this, this item also has a passive that can be increased Physical defense of 5 every time you receive Basic attacks.

2. New Leomord build: Bloodlust Ax

Latest Leomord builds

Next you can use objects attack manifold Bloodlust ax. Where this item +70. can add Physical attack, +10 Cooldown Reduction, and attribute + 20% Spell vampire.

3. Blade of Despair

This item also grants +170 Physical Attack and 5% Movement Speed.

In addition, this item also has a passive effect that can increase Physical attack up to 25% when attacking an enemy with HP below 50%.

4. New Leomord Build: Endless Battle

Products attack this can add + 10% Cooldown Reduction, + 5% Speed ​​of movement, +25 Where is rain +250 HP, + 15% Physical robbery of life, and +65 Physical attack,

And its unique passive can give + 70% Physical attack additionally as Real harm on Leomord

5. Thunder belt

Products defense This is very suitable for that one battle hero, as it gives an additional +6. can offer Where is rain +800 MOBILE, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and + 40% Physical defense.

Plus, its unique passive that can give real harm additional 2% of maximum horsepower Skill users to the enemy target.

6. Immortality

immortality is an item that has an additional +800. can give mobile and 40% Physical defense on Leomord.

In addition, this article also has passive Unique that can be revived after two seconds of death and gives 15% mobile as well as sign which can absorb 300-1000 Damage.

This is the latest build article, Leomord Mobile Legends

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