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Lapu-Lapu overhaul! This is the latest build item

Lapu-lapu is a fighter hero reworked by Mobile Legend. Lapu-Lapu experienced a skill change in the Ultimate, Twin Blade, where the base damage was reduced from 500-800 to 350-550 and the physical attack bonus was reduced from 150% to 120%.

When switching to Heavy Sword mode, the base damage of the first two attacks is increased from 350-550 to 320-500 and the physical attack bonus is increased from 150% to 130%. Ultimate Lapu-Lapu no longer has the stun effect, but now has the effect of 3 consecutive hits. Here is the latest Lapu-Lapu Item Build.

Combat spells

Lapu-lapu is highly recommended to use the Flicker spell, and it can be the Aegis spell as well.

Recommended articles

Warrior boots

+22 physical defense

Attribute +40 movement SPD

The unique physical defense with passive valor is increased by 5 each time an auto attack is received, up to a maximum of 25. Lasts 3 seconds.

Malicious roar

+60 physical attack

Attributes: + 40% Physical PEN Unique passive armor breaker: The basic attack ignores 20% of the tower’s defense.


+800 hp

+40 physical defense

Unique Passive Immortal: Bring back to life 2 seconds after being eliminated and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scales with hero level) Shield lasts 3 seconds. This effect has a 180 second cooldown.

Bloodlust ax

+70 physical attack

+ 10% cooldown reduction

Attribute: + 20% magic vampire

Queen’s wing

+15 physical attack

+1000 hp

+ 10% cooldown reduction

Unique Passive Demonization: Reduces damage taken by 40% when HP is below 40% and increases physical Lifesteal by 40. Lasts 5 seconds. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.

Blade of Despair

+160 physical attack

+ 5% movement SPD

Unique Passive Despair: Attacking enemy units with HP below 50% increases the hero’s physical attack by 25%. Lasts 2 seconds (effect activates before damage is dealt).


Here are a number of fighter emblems for Lapu-Lapu.

So this is the latest revised Lapu-Lapu item build recommendation. Hopefully helpful and thank you ..

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