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Kord and Uzi will be available in the Free Fire OB27 update, here is the leak!

Android31Free Fire Advance Server April 2021 officially opened tomorrow April 1, 2021. Survivors (as Free Fire players) who have registered on the server can try out some of the latest updates before they are released for the global version. The leak we are going to share this time is a leak related to the weapons update on the server which will have Kord and Uzi weapons.

How is the Kord and Uzi performing in the Free Fire OB27 update? here is the explanation.


chord belongs to the category of LMG weapons. In fact, Free Fire currently only has 2 LMG type weapons, namely: Gatling and M249, and both are not very popular with survivors.

But rumor has it that cord is stronger than the two LMG weapons. When used in a crouching or lying position, cord will receive additional damage and rate of fire.

In addition, thanks to the built-in x8 rifle scope, Kord also has a longer firing range than the Gatling and M249. With a shooting range almost on par with this sniper rifle, cord can be used as the main weapon for campers.


Anyone who likes to play shooters should be familiar with weapons Uzi. This SMG type weapon is small and light in size, similar to a pistol, and is very suitable for close combat.

Interestingly, this weapon can be used in Akimbo or two-handed mode in some games like Fortnite and Crossfire. Will Uzi become the second Free Fire weapon that can use Akimbo mode after Vector? Let’s just wait on the Advance Server!

However, since it is still a cursory glance, it is not certain that these two weapons will actually be included in the OB27 update or even in future updates.

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