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Title: Khaleed Hero Counter in Mobile Legends!
Link: Khaleed’s Hero Counter in Mobile Legends!

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Khaleed Hero Counter in Mobile Legends!

Yes, as always, when Mobile legends issued a new character, of course the player will guess how to do it counter against the hero. Of course, this pattern emerged when Khaleed was present Mobile legends.

To prevent other players from being exploited for not being able to meet Khaleed, we will see together which heroes can defeat Khaleed.counter Herself! It turns out that quite a few tablets can!

Let’s get into the discussion!

1st atlas


Atlas is the first hero on this list to qualify as counter from Atlas. He can use the ability to CC easily to Khaleed. Even more, ultimate He was able to thwart Khaleed’s quicksand guard.

Still, Khaleed was actually able to free himself from life ultimate from Atlas with Raging Sandstorm. Khaleed, on the other hand, will have a hard time killing Atlas.

2. Valir

Mobile Legends ganker

Valir has a high CC ability. That’s all you need to know to take out Khaleed. Khaleed has to leave mobility her to approach Valir. However, this is not necessarily sufficient.

This is because Valir will be able to keep his distance damage from Khaleed, who is almost everything Capability-undertakes to be near the enemy.

3. Chufra


Perhaps by this point you have guessed what kind of hero can attack.counter Khaled. If you can guess the hero with a lot of CC, your answer is correct. Which hero has the most CC? Chufra, of course.

Chufra with everything Capability-This makes it difficult for Khaleed and will most likely stop this hero from moving. With follow up Fortunately, Khaleed won’t be able to move much.

4. Uranus

Mobile legends

Actually, you can’t say Uranus counter in an offensive sense, but in a defensive sense. Uranus will also turn off movement damage by Khaleed can do easily and at the same time peeling what is troublesome.

Also, Khaleed was able to thank Uranus tank-y it’s that hero. Whatever Khaleed did to Uranus in the end, it won’t make a big difference and will just throw the CD away.

5. Luo Yi

Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Luo Yi is one of the strongest characters in Mobile legends currently with the option of granting CC and presence global blessing ultimate theirs. Luo Yi was able to control Khaleed’s movements and was also a little hard to hit.

Quicksand’s guard won’t protect you from them numb Luo Yis and instead Khaleed become an easy target for Skills Rotation. The most dangerous thing in the fight against Luo Yi was when he could make a decisive landing Skills theirs.

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