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JKT48 introduces Team Valkyrie48 for entry into esports

JKT48 introduces Team Valkyrie48 for entry into esports

JKT48 was previously rumored to be starting a JKT48 team dedicated to esports. The message was conveyed during the Handshake Festival held annually by the JKT48 Group and they even added several announcements about their activities at the festival. One of the contents of the announcement is that they will form a JKT48 team that will be used in esports.

Now JKT48 has inaugurated its group under the name VALKYRIE48, which is to be used in e-sports. This team consists of 6 people chosen to be called VALKYRIE48.

Members of the Valkyrie48 Group are six JKT48 members selected from 80 JKT48 members who definitely have the skills in esports.

Who is on the Valkyrie48 team?

1. Jinan Safa Safira (Jinan) with AOV game specialization;

2. Tan Zhi Hui Celine (Celine) specializing in AOV games;

3. Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi (Anin) who specializes in the PUBG game;

4. Syahfira Angela Nurhaliza (Angel), specializing in the PUBG game;

5. Sinka Juliani (Sinka), specializing in the PUBG game;

As the members of Valkyrie48 report “We JKT48, who have the goal of becoming a” NATIONAL IDOL “with all its uniqueness, have selected 6 members from a total of 80 existing members who have a lot of knowledge and expertise about E-SPORT and a NEW one E-SPORT TEAM, having the skills in GAME and ENTERTAINMENT, aims to become a symbol of E-SPORT in INDONESIA and expand it to all of ASIA “.

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