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Of course, you know this one game that is already popular with teenagers. DOTA 2 is a strategy game in which we have to work together with players on a team to destroy the headquarters of the opposing team.

DOTA 2 is the latest version of DOTA, which used to be an integral part of WARCRAFT III. Backup and restore is one of the features of Steam that is useful for all games on Steam, not just Dota 2.

Just mostly new to Steam after playing Dota 2, right? In the past I definitely never had a Steam account because the popular games there were mostly original, aka paid for, and recently this popular Dota 2 game was made available by Steam for free as promised by IceFrog. It’s really easy to back up and restore Dota 2

The first thing I will discuss is how to backup, steps for Dota 2 Steam backup:

1. Sign in to Steam.
2. Click Library for a list of available games.

3. Right-click the game you want to back up.
4. Select Back up game files.

5. Review the game you want to back up, then click> NEXT.
6. Select the folder in which the backup file should be saved. If not changed, the backup file will be in one of the following locations (sometimes it is not the same on every installation).

– c: Program Files Valve Steam Backups, or
– c: Program Files Steam Backups, or
– c: Program Files (x86) steam Backups
After selecting the folder or leaving the default, click> NEXT.

7. Leave the name of the backup file at the default, the file size can be changed as you like, I use the 4.7 GB DVD option myself, then click> NEXT.
8. Wait for the process to complete. The duration of the backup process depends on the speed of the computer. The worse the computer, the longer it will take.

Now, proceed to the process of restoring Dota 2, the steps:

1. Sign in to Steam.
2. At the top left, click Steam> Select Back Up And Restore Games.
3. Select Restore previous backup, then click> NEXT.
4. Select the folder where the backup file is located until Program Backups Found: Dota 2 is displayed, and then click> NEXT.
5. Wait for it to finish

Hence the article SO BACKUP DOTA 2 EASY

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