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Increase Mobile Legend's speed performance by enabling high frame rate mode

Increase the speed performance of Mobile Legend by enabling High frame rate mode

Today’s Mobile Legend update has new features to improve or add Mobile Legend features, what is it ?, today Mobile Legend added features High frame rate mode,Specialty High frame rate mode This feature is designed to increase Frame Per Second (FPS) from 30 FPS to 60 FPS to improve the visual performance of the video High frame rate mode.

How to enable high frame rate mode on Mobile Legend
Enable high frame rate mode on Mobile Legend

This mode can increase the visual movement of the video when you play the mobile legend game, so the movement will be smoother or faster and more responsive. The visual speed of the video starts with how the hero is performing in the game, when spending skills it will feel more responsive and faster and when we view the map it will be more responsive.

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different when you don’t use High frame rate mode or normal frame mode, motion without use High frame rate mode will feel slow because the speed is slower than High frame rate mode.It will be slow based on the way the character walks, and by the time the skill is released, the timing will also be felt.

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Then how do I activate High frame rate mode on cell phone legends?

1. Open the menu arrangement

2. Open the menu base

3. Then turn it on High frame rate mode position AT

When you want to turn on High frame rate mode then a warning “open” appears High frame rate mode you’ll try a higher frame rate, but it’ll use more battery and possibly make your system hot. When you have a poorly performing system, it tends to cause your game to crash or lag. Do you want to continue?”

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It can be seen from the warning above that this mode ensures that the system performance works optimally from its normal limit and that the battery life of the smartphone decreases faster than usual, so that your smartphone heats up faster than usual.High frame rate mode seems to require a smartphone spec higher than before, so it doesn’t have as serious an impact as using the smartphone specs you used before.

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Mobile Legend doesn’t say what the smartphone specs can use High frame rate mode In its functions, it is very clear that very poor performance of your smartphone has an impact on the quality High frame rate mode and worse, it will crash and delay your Mobile Legend game.

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We know that any addition of features or enhancements to an application system will affect the resource specifications on any device we use. Hopefully this article can help you :), Gbu 🙂

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