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In order not to be suspected of being a cheat, these are 5 crewmate tasks in the game between us

The Among Us game is currently in demand with gamers. One of the most important roles in the game is the crewmate. In order to be able to win without any problems, at least 5 important crewmate tasks must be completed in the game among us.

As is known, Among Us is an online multiplayer game that is largely similar to the werewolf game.

If werewolf has many roles, Among Us only has 2 major roles, namely crewmate and impostor.

If Impostor is the antagonist in Among Us, Crewmate is the protagonist who has a great job of surviving and exposing Impostor, who is the killer in the game.

The manipulative impostor must be unlocked by the original character of Crewmate. In order to successfully dismantle Impostor, Crewmate has to work together and complete several important tasks.

Here are 5 key Crewmate roles in Among Us.

1. Report the corpse finder

Play among us.  (youtube / Pewdiepie)

The first crewmate task is to report the discovery of the corpse to other players. When a corpse is found, players start a discussion to find out who the real cheater is.

2. Get things done quickly

Later on, crew members are given various mini-game-like tasks that need to be completed quickly. Usually these tasks are spread across different rooms in the game.

3. Fixed the fraudster’s sabotage

Crewmate is usually busy with the acts of sabotage carried out by Impostor. In order to avoid fraud by the killer, the crewmate must fix the sabotage so that the entire crew is safe.

4. Participate in discussions

As a crewmate, you have to exchange ideas with other colleagues. The purpose of this discussion, of course, is to expose who the real cheater is.

Remember that this meeting usually includes scammers in disguise, yes.

5. Scam surveillance

An important task of the crewmate is to kill the cheater. Hence, you need to watch out for other players who have at least suspicious movements.

So that you can easily win in the game among us and are not suspected of being a cheat, it is good for you to have a thorough understanding of the 5 important crewmate tasks in this game.