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Title: Ideal team composition Auto Win 5 Strongest Hero Mobile Legends
Link: Ideal team composition Auto Win 5 Strongest Hero Mobile Legends

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Ideal team composition Auto Win 5 Strongest Hero Mobile Legends

The five most powerful heroes on a team?

Do you often run into players in Solo Rank who are selfish and a little pushy in the selection of heroes? ALWAYS UNCONDITIONAL! Have you ever thought about the ideal team structure to win? If so, here is the ideal hero composition for the Mobile Legends team.

The ideal hero composition for the Mobile Legends team clearly consists of five heroes from each role who can help fix deficiencies and improve one another.

This despite the fact that it is quite difficult to get these five heroes as they have to be banned or even selected by the opposing team.


Minotaur (Panzer / Roamer)

Minotaur leader

Sources, future game releases

The first, often backed up by players given the first choice, Minotaur, as described in previous articles, is the strongest tank hero with the best ability to control the crowd range.

On top of that, the Minotaur is also a tank that has the best features, a pretty large slow area to heal skills for yourself and teammates. In addition, the Minotaur can absorb all incoming damage.


Chou (fighter / off tank)

If the second hero to be included in the draft pick you play is this one fighter hero is not easy to come by as he is often banned. His ability to initiate is a complicated homework that has to be done by the opposing team.

On top of that, the damage Chou can do is pretty extraordinary, given the ability to pop a tank with a combo kick. Chou has the ability to stun, blink, and is a pretty good initiator too, so it’s a wonder you can get these two heroes.


Harith (Mage / Middle / Roamer)

As a magician hero, one of the two best after Lunox, Harith is a hero magician who has very high mobility, is agile and very difficult to catch. In addition, the resulting damage can even penetrate the thick armor of the hero’s tank.

What makes Harith scary is the Age of Force’s ability and Chrono Dash combination that you can spam endlessly, which makes it very difficult for you to catch Harith.

Why not just Lunox? Lunox has pretty big blast damage, but his escape ability is not as good and as good as Harith.


Diggie (support)

Mobile legends

Hero support that can distract incoming damage during all-out war makes Diggie our editorial pick as one of the top five heroes combined. In addition, Diggie, who gained prestige for his rework skills, made him the most wanted pick in any tournament.

His ability to disable a hero, and then his ability to deal burst damage, allows Diggie to go from assisting to dealing damage, making enemies dizzy.

Not to mention its time travel skill that can offset all the damage caused by great abilities on the opposing team.


Claude (Sagittarius)

If the four heroes mentioned above perform their roles well and can perfectly suppress the opponent, the presence of a shooter is actually not necessary. Marksman can play farms with up to four or five main pieces of equipment in Adventure Mode.

Then he can help like a late-night hero to completely “bully” the opposing team. But aside from all of these factors, Claude is the best marksman. Has the ability to blink and then has super wide AoE damage, not to mention its super fast ASPD.

Creating a hero like Karrie or even Kimmy who looks strong as a marksman looks very trivial and meaningless.

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