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Title: How to win at the Hago sheep game
Link: How to win the Hago sheep game

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How to win at the Hago sheep game

How to win at the Hago sheep game

Do you keep losing in the Hogo game in the Game of Sheep?

Don’t worry, after reading this article, namely tips and tricks from me, you are guaranteed that you will not lose again and keep winning unless you are unlucky, e.g. battery until your phone runs out.

Indeed, the Hago game is now a prima donna and very popular with all gamers, in addition to the many games that are served, namely from traditional games to modern games, this game is also a means of socializing for its users. happy, sad emojis to pour out our mood.

Playing the Sheep Fight game in the game of Hago not only means playing with the sheep, it also requires strategies and tactics to get the win – I don’t understand how to play but if you’ve played for a long time and often experience defeats, it is worth asking. Below are tips and tricks on how to play Sheep Fighting in Hago game.

Understand the worth or score of each sheep

Every player who plays the Game of Sheep receives 100 points each, every sheep that can penetrate the opponent’s base reduces the opponent’s point value and does not increase the point value of the player who joins. Each sheep you take out has strength and worth or different score, it is true that the sheep with a larger size have great strength, but this is inversely proportional to the value or score of the sheep. Sheep have a higher score, very much large, or more clearly how each sheep’s score is below that.

  • The smallest sheep has a deduction of 6 points or scores.
  • Middle sheep has 4 grades or scores.
  • The big sheep has 2 values ​​or scores.
  • The largest sheep has a score of 1.

    Start or start first

    Putting the sheep first is a great opportunity because you can both attack and defend; put the smallest sheep on top because the small sheep have the highest score.

    Don’t be forced

    In Sheep Fighting game there are 5 ways to fight sheep. Let the big sheep of the opponent enter into the important. Your little lamb can go inside too, because the little lamb is of greater value.

    Analyze the sheep that will come out

    You can tell whether your sheep or your opponent is getting a large or a small sheep by the sheep symbol to the left of your and your opponent to master the path, for example, you are in a hurry, do not force yourself to go your own way, so as not to waste your sheep and opportunities.

    Keep concentration

    Do not send chat messages as they can affect your concentration in dealing with your opponent’s strategy. You can send chat messages after the game is over.

    So many articles of mine about Easy Winning Tips in the Hago Sheep Fighting Game, hopefully it will be useful.

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