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Title: How to use RIKI heroes
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How to use RIKI heroes

Here Mimin will discuss the hero who became the idol in Dota 2, namely Riki

INTRO: Riki is a very simple hero killer for beginners, besides having an invisibility ability, Riki can easily kill even with quite a sick skill, use this hero for beginners, the most important thing in Hero Riki is not to see the enemy when you are alone, you must have a strong feeling when the enemy puts a wards or dust.


mis a very useful skill for Riki. This skill is used to slow down the area affected by smoke, slow down the enemy and make a failure, also Riki increases the damage to +10 in this smoke


S.This kill is very useful for Riki, it is Riki’s most important ability because it makes Riki disappear unless he makes attacks, besides, Riki is not seen, and the higher the level, the faster the culldown


Backstap is a passive skill that Riki needs to make more critical of his punches. This skill is very painful, even when combined with Daedlus, the criticism becomes even sicker


This is a blink ability that Riki has in Dota 2. Riki can blink three times, so killing enemies is very easy if you already have qualified items

Here is the order of skills to be decreased one at a time


R.This will be very weak if he hits an opponent who has skills that suggest Bounty Hunters and Slardar

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Sangeyasha is used to make Riki run faster, also it is very useful for slowing down enemies, this makes it easier for Riki to kill enemies


The Diffuse Blade aims to decrease the enemy’s mana every time Riki hits the enemy. It is highly recommended when the enemy has a lot of mana as it will make the enemy incapable of us


The black king bar is very useful in the middle of the game as Riki is unable to improve his skills. This will drive Riki crazy and easily hit the enemy

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