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Title: How to use PUDGE hero
Link: How to use PUDGE hero

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How to use PUDGE hero

Here I want to tell you a tutorial on how to play pudge for beginners

Pudge is indeed a hero who is quite difficult to master, so it is very rare for beginners to use this hero
But don’t worry, Mimin will tell you how to play pudge so you can check out Pudge’s skills


It is a main Pudge skill that is used to lure enemies to Pudge. You need to know that this skill needs to be performed with the right timing in order to kill enemies effectively because it is useless if you don’t. There is a protection or dust


This skill is used to slow down the enemy and reduce the enemy’s blood, also this skill can be used for suicide if necessary, as suicide does not give the enemy gold. This skill is usually used after the enemy is hit by a hook.


Skill 3 is used to increase Pudge’s blood after killing enemies. Pudge is needed to kill enemies instantly. The more pudge kills, the stronger it will be.


This ultimate skill is very important, serves to bite the enemy, combo with hook and rot then bite, guaranteed plus one hit the enemy will die instantly

The following is the order of skills you need to acquire

This is the article on how to use the PUDGE hero

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