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How to upgrade Manor / House LifeAfter

How to upgrade Manor / House LifeAfter

Just beginning the LifeAfter game and still confused How to upgrade the house / manor?

Before that, we discussed getting started and the walktrough, even the guide that was played at the start of this LifeAfter game.
In the previous article everything was discussed for the beginning of the game as well as the tips & tricks. Now we’re going to discuss StickAir a little bit about this LifeAfter game.

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In order to get new items like furniture, plant beds, and some features like roommates, quick repairs, and others, you’ll need to upgrade the mansion. You know? The development zone is the house you live in, which is where you build your house in the LifeAfter game.

In one of the tutorial quests, you take a piece of land and put it in a blue zone. It was a search for starting a home. You can travel to the wilderness, town hall, city or development area by helicopter.

To learn more about mansion upgrades, make sure you are in the development zone. Click the minimap in the top right corner of your screen> click the (+) (-) icon to zoom in or out.

If you are not in the development zone, open the minimap and find the red trailhead> go there and use the helicopter.

StickAir will provide information on how to upgrade the manor or house level in the LifeAfter game

Interaction with controller objects

In the development zone, which is near the foundation of the house, there is a controller object that is near the mailbox or mailbox. Interact with the object and click Manage. Later several options appear like: Info, Nurse, Event, Beautify and Mansion.

Click on the mansion upgrade option, this is where you can check the supply requirements and also the skill level required. If all the prerequisites are met, an upgrade button will appear. Click and you have updated the mansion.

Click the Home icon in the top left corner of your screen, then click Profile. Here you can check the current level of the mansion.

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How to upgrade Manor for beginners

In this discussion we are going to discuss how to upgrade the mansion to level 2. After that you can move on to the next level. To upgrade a mansion / house to level 2 there are several needs and requirements that you will need.
The things you will need in this state are 5 wooden boards, 200 bricks, 400 wood, gathering skill 5, crafting skill 5, and fighting skill 5.

• wooden boards

Wooden boards can be made from workbench materials. You can get this workbench material system free of charge in the development zone. The trick is, all you have to do is look around and interact with the cabin area and then access. When it’s ready, you can put it in the mansion. To make these wooden boards you will also need some materials.

The materials you will need to make wooden boards are 120x wood and 2x branch in 1x wooden boards. You can find wood and twigs when cutting trees. Chop down trees in the wooded area to get these two ingredients. But for the record, Twig is a secondary material and will have to use an ax when cutting down trees.

• stones

To get stones, you simply destroy rocks with a pickaxe. You can go into the wooded area and find a collection of rocks there,

• Skill levels

To check the skill level you can check in the top left corner then click on the home icon, skill, this is where you will see the mastery points you need to go to the next level and also your current skill level.

There is a trick to increasing your skill level.

How can one improve the skill?

There are 3 skills that we will be discussing here, namely crafting, gathering, and combat.

• Handcraft

In order to increase the level of crafting skills, we strongly recommend that you make a pig iron or maybe a gunpowder from an equipment workstation. Every time you craft these two items, you will get more than 100 mastery points. Some items that are crafted, such as structures, tools, do not give such high mastery points.

• Collect

To increase the collectibility level by collecting materials from the map and also completing training quests.

• Struggle

To increase the level of combat skills by hunting wild animals and killing zombies in the map area.

For this, we strongly recommend that you load a machete weapon and armor as soon as possible to collect battle points so that you have no problems.
If you followed the tutorial quest, you should have received a long range weapon which is a bow. That’s not good enough.

Completing training quests can also earn championship points. Click on the training option at the top of the screen and complete the available quests. You get a pretty high mastery point.

What you get when you upgrade the manor

There will be several items to be unlocked like armor, cloth, plastic, cement and various functions like quick repair, roommate and many other things that we didn’t mention.

The roommate function allows you to share things with your friends and also to live together in a house.

You can use the quick repair function to repair damaged or destroyed components. In this game, zombies and other players can destroy your house, so this feature is very useful for those of you who need to fix your house for attack.

Don’t forget we give one thing how to move the manor

You can go to the object controller in the development zone, then click on Manage and select the Nurse option and then go to the Move Manor menu. You can move your manor anywhere you want.

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