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How to turn an ordinary mouse into a macro + setting guide

It’s no secret that the higher the level we reach, the more intense the competition becomes. Players typically choose to use gaming devices that are more than just an ordinary keyboard and mouse to play with, such as a gaming mouse with more buttons that can help improve the player’s skills in order to win the game. But there is another way we can improve our skills by simply using a regular mouse.

The way to turn an ordinary mouse into a macro mouse this time is to use an application called X-Mouse Button Control. This application allows the mouse scroll wheel to be used as an additional key that we will configure as one of the F keys (e.g. F1, F2, F3, A, B, C… and others).

Of course, you can usually use the buttons on a gaming mouse or keyboard to make it faster. Note, however, that you cannot find more than one function on a button. For example, we can specify which keys can be used to shoot. However, it would be illegal to set the button on fire and then reload it. It does not matter whether the action is carried out by pressing a key combination (e.g. CTRL + F2) or a single key (e.g. F2).

How to turn an ordinary mouse into a macro

In addition, I recommend this application to turn an ordinary mouse into a macro because of its excellent function, and of course it can be called for FREE.

The first step, please download this application first.


On the download page, click on “Last version“And press to start the download. You can also use the Portable Version button / option so that you don’t have to install it on your computer.

As you can see, the app is very small as it is no more than 5MB in size.

Once the app has downloaded successfully, find the app, double click on it and proceed with the installation.

install app

Because this application is from a third party, there is a high chance that you will see a Windows Security message, but you can safely ignore it as it is not a malicious application.

Windows security

How to set the X mouse button control

After installation, this application will initially look like this.

First view

There you will see a submenu with the name “layers“Which is nothing more than the name of each setting you have made. You can make the settings as you wish and configure each one individually. To have more than one level, just open “settings“and at the window”Number of layersYou can enter the number of levels you want to create.

Layer settings

In addition, it is recommended that each level be given a name in the “Layer name“. Like the name of the character you will be using, this is to make it easier for you to remember the settings you have made.”

You need to know which layer to apply and use when you have more than one. The order is first from the left tab to the right tab.

Adding layers

To use a specific level we click on the button with two arrows “>”To change the order of the layers we want to use. Remember that the layer on the left is used first.

Shift shift

Now we configure the scroll wheel button as F. We need to open the program and scroll (up, down and if it works as a button), you will see that some bars light up yellow to indicate that this button is corresponding to the Mouse button (on the left you can also see the name of the button).

Mouse test

Then we click on the bar or on the gear symbol and then select the option “Simulated keys: (undefined)“.

Simulated keys

In this new window we go to the section “Enter the custom key (s)”And write the command {FX}, where X is the number F we want to configure (for example {F1}) and press the”OK“.

Custom 1

Custom 2

Finally we can click the button “Use”In order to apply all the configurations you have made, your mouse wheel now functions as F, as you have configured it. If your mouse has three buttons (up, down, and center), you can configure each to be a different F.

Can be used

This is the article on how to turn an ordinary mouse into a macro with images and configurations. Hopefully this article will be successful and useful to the readers.

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