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How to start WAR in COC (Clash of Clans) for beginners

How to start WAR in COC for beginners – Clan War has become routine for Clash of Clans players to get more resources for both war members and the clans we follow. In addition to receiving loot, there are several perks that you can get when you join a clan. How to make new friends, share tips and tricks on playing COC, share attack strategies, and much more.

A clan in COC has a maximum of 50 people and is divided into four types of rank. The first is leader. Leader is the highest rank in the clan and is fully responsible for the development of his clan. In other words, the leader is the owner of the clan himself. Second is CO head. CO-Leader is a member who has been given full trust and has rights like a Leader. You could say that the CO leader is the leader’s right-hand man. The third is Older ones. Elders are privileged members who have the right to invite members and accept new membership applications. And the last one is member. Members are all members who are members of a clan.

how to use coc.  At war

If you are a beginner who wants to a war in COC. kick off, you need to go through several steps first. The aim is to rebuild the clan castle (broken). Because building a clan castle costs 10,000 gold. In order for your gold storage to have a capacity of 10,000, you must first upgrade it to level 3. However, in order for your gold storage to be upgraded to level 3, you must first upgrade your town hall to level 3. This is related, if your town hall is not yet level 3, then you are not allowed to upgrade gold storage to level 3. Below are the details on how to start a war in COC for beginners.

How to start a war in COC for beginners

1. The first step is to upgrade the town hall to level 3.

2. After the town hall has reached level 3, continue with upgrading the gold warehouse to a capacity of 10,000+.

3. Please find loot by attacking so that your gold reaches 10,000. After that, it’s time to rebuild Clan Castle (Broken).

how to use coc.  At war

4. After you’ve built a clan castle, it’s time to find a clan.

how to use coc.  At war

5. Please search for a clan so that you can become a member. First, look for low-level candidates because if you join a high-ranking clan, they will usually deny you membership.

how to use coc.  At war

Up here, after successfully joining a clan, you can start a war immediately, but usually in some clans the schedule for the war has been set by the leader, so all you have to do is wait for the leader or co-leader to start the war.

Hence an overview of how to start a war in COC for beginners. Hopefully this post can help you. Hopefully useful, greetings !.

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