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How to speed up development / builder clash of clans without gems

How to speed up development / builder clash of clans without gems – Clash of Clans requires patience and perseverance to play as this game really takes time to build the buildings. Not only do you have to wait patiently for the development in COC, but also have perseverance in collecting elixir and gold.

Patience is required again and again when collecting elixir and gold, because the preparation of a train in addition to the COC spell also takes time. Therefore, the curiosity arises, how to build / build COC without gemstones? Is that possible? To be allowed to! Do you use a cheat or do you need to root? No!

The method is very simple, and this method is legal or safe, so it won’t bang your Clash of Clans account. Of course, this method can be carried out in any TH, even if you have just played Clash of Clans (Town Hall 1) or have played this game for a long time up to Townhall Level 11. So that’s it.

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How to Speed ​​Up COC Builder / Builder Without Gems

1. First download and then install Clash of Clans from the Google Play Store.

2. Open Clash of Clans and sign in to Google Play Games using Gmail. This aims to be able to save the development process in your Coc.

3. Then the game will start. Please fix the boat.

5. To speed up the build / builder without these gems, you must have built a clock tower.

6. If you have built a clock tower, please click on it to count down a few minutes.

7. During the clock tower process, all activity in the builder base will be quick. Regardless of whether it is about building trains, upgrading trains, clearing trees and speeding up troops to be ready for battle.

    In fact, this way to speed up COC building / builder without gems doesn’t take long, just a few minutes, but it is enough to speed up your COC development process. About an hour of the development process can be saved during this 10 minute bell tower. So if you update in 10 minutes you have an hour left, it will be ready in 10 minutes.

    Just a tip for you, use this bell tower when the 3x win bonus is available. So that you don’t have to wait until the turn is over after the 1v1 fight, look for another opponent immediately. And for this method, note that the clock tower has an 8 hour time lag to speed up your coc time.

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    That’s it How to Speed ​​Up COC Builder / Builder Without Gems this is safe and of course without root. However, if your smartphone is already rooted, you can do that too. Ok thanks for reading, good luck!

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