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How to Sign Out of Gmail on Android Phone in 5 Easy Steps – It’s easy! How to Quit Gmail on Android Phone in Just 5 Easy Steps. In any case, the first time you buy a new smartphone with the Android operating system, you will be asked to add a Google account that you have. It is not without reason that you can use this Google account to automatically log into your PlayStore account and also to Gmail.

By adding a Gmail address, you can manage all of the applications created by Google with just one smartphone. But unfortunately life is not always easy.

If your email is having a problem and you want to unsubscribe, there is no way you can unsubscribe simply by clicking the Unsubscribe button. To sign out of Gmail on an Android phone, you need to delete the email address embedded in your smartphone.

But don’t worry, it is easy to sign out of Gmail in just 5 simple steps. Then how do you get out of a Gmail account on Android? Let’s take a look at the simple guide below.

How to sign out of Gmail on an Android phone

  • Please press menu settings to enter settings on your smartphone.
  • Tap the menu Accounts and select symbol Google.

Tap the Account menu, then tap Choose Google

  • Select the Gmail account you want to delete on your Android smartphone.

  • Tap the three little circles above the screen, then tap remove account confirm.

Simple, isn’t it? But before you leave this post, it is good to know some things that you will face while deleting a Gmail account from an Android device.

And maybe some of the following questions can represent your question.

Can I still access the Google Play Store?

To access the Play Store you need to be connected to a Google account. That said, if you only have 1 Google account, I recommend not deleting it from your Android device. However, if you have multiple Google Accounts, please sign in with a different Gmail address than before.

Can I restore it after deleting it?

To be allowed to! You can re-add any Google Account you have, including the deleted one.

Can I sign out of Gmail without deleting it?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sign out of your Gmail account if you don’t delete the existing email address on your smartphone. Even if you are forced to uninstall the Gmail app and clear its cache, Google will automatically relink your account. And that is a futile act.

Hence our article titled How to Quit Gmail on Android Device. Hopefully useful to everyone and you can use it smarter.

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