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How to Show WiFi Password on Windows 10 as Effective!

Windows 10 performs better than the previous operating system. In this latest operating system, we can find several interesting features that we can try, such as: B. Game Bar, Storage Sense and others.

Unfortunately, there are many users of this operating system who do not know how to view WiFi passwords on Windows 10. Although this is a simple thing that everyone, including you, should be able to do.

So in this discussion, I’m going to provide a full tutorial on how to easily view WiFi passwords on Windows 10. And not only that, this method can also be applied to Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

How to view WiFi password in Windows 10

This time, I’m going to present the 2 best ways to find out the WiFi password in Windows 10, namely via the command prompt (CMD) and the Network and Sharing Center.

A. View WiFi password in Windows 10 with CMD

1. Please do not use the Command Prompt (CMD) application with administrator mode. How do you do it Command prompt> right click> run as administrator

2.Then type the command or script below, don’t forget to hit Enter:

How to display the WiFi password via CMD3. After pressing Enter, you can see different WiFi SSIDs as shown in the picture above. Make sure your WiFi name is on top!

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4. Then type the following command to view the password from WiFi and don’t forget to hit Enter

  • netsh wlan show profile name = ”WiFi Name” key = clear

How to find the WiFi password via CMD5. After that, a lot of information is listed there. For the sake of brevity, please refer to the section Security Settings> Key Content. And there is your WiFi password.

WLAN password

B. Displaying the WiFi password in Windows 10 with Network and Sharing Center

1. Look for the WLAN symbol in the lower right corner of the Windows 10 system tray. Right-click the WLAN symbol and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Open the Network and Sharing Center2. Then select the WLAN for which you want to see the password.

How to find WiFi password in Windows 103. Then a new window of Wi-Fi Status will appear, then choose Wireless properties.

How to manually view WiFi password in Windows 104. Then the Wireless Network Properties window appears, please click the tab safety and tick the box show signs.

How to view WiFi password in Windows 10So, these are the two ways to view WiFi passwords on Windows 10 that have been shown to be effective. That’s all for the discussion of this article and we’ll see you in the next article.

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