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How to remove / remove WhatsApp group admin easily

How to remove or delete WhatsApp group admins easily. It is not uncommon for a WhatsApp group to consist of several admins. It is not without reason that one can get dizzy with the large number of members when one is managed alone.

The group manager, or what is usually called the admin, is always there and needed by his members. Not only as the creator of the group, the admin is usually also known as someone who best understands the subject matter of the group.

So don’t be surprised if the admin has the right to set group rules that members and other admins must follow. If someone breaks these rules, an admin has the right to decide all penalties for members.

Unfortunately, the debate is not just between Members. There are also often disagreements between admins. If so, the smart administrator has the right to keep or remove the administrator.

How to remove WhatsApp group admin easily

Before doing this tutorial, make sure that your decision has been carefully made. To learn how to delete a WhatsApp group admin, please follow the full tutorial below.

  • Please open the WA group you are managing
  • In the top right, tap the three little circles and select Group info
  • Scroll down your smartphone screen and see some of the admins there.
  • Select the administrator you want to remove from the group. In a few seconds, press the name of the administrator.
  • Please tap on Option Remove username * keep going.
  • If a follow-up question appears, please tap OK to complete the process
  • Now make sure that the admin has disappeared from your WhatsApp group.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

additional Information

*Customize with the admin name you want to remove

Update! Please note that this tutorial will only be shown to those of you who have a WA group and act as an administrator. Because only admins can easily remove an admin from a WhatsApp group.

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If you are just a regular member, I suggest talking to other administrators so that they would like to appoint you as a new administrator. After you can hold the admin position, you can issue other admins.

The last word

Here’s how you can easily remove / delete WhatsApp group admins. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and helpful. Much luck!

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