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How to register for free Shopee shipping for virtual products, allotments and credit – How to Register for Free Shopee Shipping for Virtual Products. Earn Millions of Rupiah by Becoming a Smart Seller. Car so rich!

Whatever you know about starting a business online, chances are. Like a double-edged knife. It’s difficult even for the smartest business man, but the interesting thing is that you are still brave enough to keep learning how to make money from Shopee.

Perhaps the best part is that you can sell online across your city, state, or even mainland borders without leaving your workplace! When you start out, basically anyone from anywhere in the world can become your customer.

But where do you start?

There are many easy ways to make money from Shopee. An interesting fact is that you can sell a wide variety of virtual products on Shopee. Different examples of virtual products that you can sell such as quotas, coupons, Netflix accounts, and various other e-books.

Why is selling virtual products so much easier than real products?

Register Free Shipping Shopee

You can make millions of rupiah selling items on Shopee. But of course there are two main reasons I recommend selling more virtual products.

Benefits of Free Shipping from Shopee

First, you don’t have to be busy packing and couriering things. As the name suggests, the product you own is a virtual product. This means that you can send products via chat or email.

Second, you can save costs. With no shipping costs, you don’t have to provide a bailout for a buyer’s order. All of the virtual products you sell do not require a courier service, which means free shipping.

How to Register for Free Shopee Shipping

How to register for the latest free Shopee shipping

Not all online stores can get the free shipping feature for every item they sell. You have to register first.

All data you send will be checked for accountability. Even if the products you sell are virtual goods, do not try to violate Shopee policies and guidelines.

To register for free Shopee shipping, you need to prepare several files. As:

  • Name of the reporter
  • Username for Shopee account
  • Email-address
  • ID card number
  • account number
  • ID photo
  • Passbook photo
  • The last one is choosing the reason your business doesn’t use delivery services. (Choose non-physical products for faster verification)

After you have prepared all files, please register using the Shopee form below.

Shopee Free Shipping

After submitting all the required information, Shopee will send the application results after 3-5 working days.

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