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How to Recognize Durango Game Screen Menu - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

1. Endurance and HP (health points)

The top red bar is your HP. This decreases when there is an attack, when the endurance runs out or when the fatigue point is at a critical level. Your character dies when HP reaches 0.

Below the HP bar is your character’s stamina bar, which decreases with various activities such as hunting, finding materials, and crafting items.

While the icon that appears under the stamina bar is a buff (status of positive effects) or debuff (status of negative effects) on the character, pay close attention to the existing status, be it a buff or a debuff, as this will affect the character’s effect greatly affects endurance and performance.


  • To restore (regenerate) HP points, you can rest or eat mushrooms and medicines (cooked or raw).
  • To regain the stamina point, you need to consume fruits, meat (cooked or raw), and eat medicinal herbs.
  • Hp and stamina bars are completely reset when the character levels up (level up).
  • If your character dies, you have three options to choose from, first: waiting to be rescued by another player, second: immediately return to the nearest warphole (teleport), third: return to the base (home). Remember, if you choose to respawn in the warp, you will have to abandon the item you are under. So choose the option that’s right for you.

2. Region fatigue

Just like us, if you do daily activities with intense activity, the body will react with fatigue. The increasing fatigue bar (yellow color) shows the fatigue status of the character.


  • Activities such as bathing and drinking reduce the tiredness of the character a little.
  • The smile icon to the left of the fatigue bar shows your character’s mood. The higher the character’s fatigue level, the symbol changes to Bad mood.
  • You can easily lower your character’s fatigue level by resting in a tent or sitting around a fireplace (chimney/oven).
  • Characters who get enough sleep receive a rested buff, this buff increases the experience gained.
  • Touch the icon to see the effects of fatigue.

3. Fatigue bars

When this bar reaches the limit of the red line, your character will receive a debuff that slows movement speed and makes them weak.


  • When the fatigue bar reaches a critical level, there is only one left to rest in a tent or retreat to the stable island (home).
  • The higher the level of the island, the faster the character’s fatigue increases.
  • On the minimap, look for the level of the island you plan to visit before you go there.

4. Minimap

The minimap is in the top right corner, here you can see multiple locations like houses, tracks, animal symbols, materials, etc. Tap the minimap to open the Durango world map. The one under the minimap is the day and night cycle. The arrows indicate the change between day and night.


  • If you’ve just teleported, you won’t see any plants or wildlife nearby. Then immediately monitor the minimap. A yellow / red icon will appear indicating the presence of a wild animal. Casually walking near the bird of prey nest can be dangerous.
  • You can see where you are on the minimap.
  • I myself have just discovered that it turns out that the day-to-night change not only affects temperature, but also the behavior of dinosaurs and wildlife. You will surely want to hunt birds of prey when they are cool to sleep at night.
  • Changes in temperature affect the character. Bring a jacket and water before you go hunting.
  • When you record the minimap, a region map opens and you can see information around you.

5. Magnifying glass icon

Displays items, materials, buildings, players, and all item names when tapped.

  • This is very useful when targeting animals or objects surrounded by thick trees. Also useful for finding out which animals are hiding in the bushes.
  • As soon as the object is tapped, an option appears that you can use to interact with it.
  • When you tap the magnifying glass icon, only the name of the object visible in the field of view is displayed. Double-tap the icon to view the object as it moves.

6. Interaction symbol

If your character is into water, a water drink icon will appear to drink water and to wash, to cleanse the body or to take a shower.

  • For those who don’t know, drinking sea or salt water will make your character thirsty and dehydrated. You can take bottled salt water from the sea, which can be boiled into salt for boiling spices.
  • The water that surrounds the island is sea water, while the water that flows from inside the island is fresh water and you can drink.
  • The radar symbol is useful for knowing the location of the warp, meteor and harbor.

7. Mini chat box

Here you can see the player’s last chat, sometimes the chat can be very fast. You can see other chats by looking at the chat log in the chat log icon.

8. Mike icon

If you enable this feature, you can chat without typing on the keyboard. The only option is to say the word you want to say (in English), then the system will automatically recognize it and write it into the chat.

9. Quick chat input field

Use this option when you want to send messages on the selected channel.

10. Chat window icon

If you tap on this icon, you can open a chat window where you can focus on chatting with friends, clan members, neighbors or sending messages all over the region / world.

  • Region Channel: This tab allows you to see chats from neighboring players near your base as well as from players around you. This channel is very crowded on an unstable island (hunting ground), mainly chat from players asking for rescue.
  • System channel: Here you can see chat logs of quests and system games. So if you missed something or don’t understand what the NPC just said, you can take another look at this chat log.
  • You can double tap on the player’s name in the chat window, options will appear, add friends, send messages, block or report. Use the report button if you find a player cheating or committing other violations.
  • When other players send you a message, their names will appear in the left corner. Tap on the name and a private chat window will open. To exit, just tap the icon with the three vertical dots and then tap the X button.
  • You can create chat groups which are highly recommended for clans and raid groups.

11. Encouragement symbol

Tapping this icon will give the players around you a boost buff. The encouragement buff lasts 5 minutes and reduces fatigue.

12. Extended menu

Tapping this icon will bring up advanced options (as shown below) such as Character, Equipment, Bag, Craft / Build, Skill, Career Guide, Island Market Options, etc.

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