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How to recharge Diamond Mobile Legends at Alfamart

How to recharge Mobile Legends at Alfamart – Mobile Legends has become a very popular game among teenagers, which is of course due to the fact that Mobile Legends is a mobile version of DOTA 2. Of course, you need to be familiar with charges in the game. This time around, Mobile Legends is making it easier for players to purchase diamonds through Alfamart.

But make sure your current Mobile Legends is the latest version because Mobile Legends Indonesia has made a major update to make it easier for players to fill in diamonds SMS, bank transfer, documentation, Alfamart and Bitcoin. This payment method can be used for all Android and Iphone smartphones. Well, if you want to top up Mobile Legends at Alfamart, make sure you are using the ML APK which was developed for Indonesia in partnership with Indonesia Codashop. Alfamart is already a lot in our area, so with the Diamond Charging Update in Mobile Legends you can now top up anytime, anywhere.

Unfortunately, if there is no Alfamart and only Indomaret in your area, Mobile Legends does not currently support buying diamonds from Indomaret as there is no update yet. For those of you who already have an Alfamart near you, please see below how to buy Mobile Legends diamonds from Alfamart:

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How to buy Diamond Mobile Legends from Alfamart

1. The first step is to download the Mobile Legends APK that worked with Codashop via this link

2. First log in to Mobile Legends, press “+” next to diamonds.

    2. Select country Indonesia.

    3. Select the payment method via Alfamart.

    4. Choose the number of diamonds that you want to buy and according to your budget. To recharge at Alfamart, the minimum purchase is unfortunately only 200 diamonds at a price of Rp. 60,000.

    5. Enter your mobile phone number, this will not reduce your credit. This mobile number is required for Mobile Legends, you will receive an SMS for the next instruction.

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    6. You will then receive a payment code and the payment amount, details of which were sent via SMS.

    7. Then close Mobile Legends and check the incoming SMS. You only have 1×24 hours to make a payment. If this period is exceeded, you will have to order a new payment code.

    I was told to speak to the Alfamart cash register, namely:

    1. How to open an e-transaction terminal
    2. Then choose Payment
    3. Select document
    4. Then the payment code “Unique Code”

    8. Then wait a while for the cashier to process the payment

    9. We pay to the checkout and DONE! Diamonds increase too!

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      This is my experience in How to buy Diamond Mobile Legends from Alfamart. Buying diamonds from Alfamart is easier than buying with credit cuts and of course for those of you who have Alfamart in your house if you want to top up diamonds in Mobile Legends, this should be an option. Thank you, this is my brief experience that I can give to all of you!

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