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How to quickly level up Hero Mobile Legends during a game

How to quickly level up Hero Mobile Legends during a game – When we are in the battle arena, each hero used has a level, namely from level 1 and the highest is level 15. The higher the level of our hero, the higher the offensive and the damage of the heroic ability. If your hero has reached level 12 in the 9th minute while the opponent’s hero is still level 9 or 10, this is a sign that you managed to level the hero quickly. The advantage of increasing the hero level quickly is that in 1 on 1 (by one) you can easily defeat the opponent’s hero if the opponent’s hero is still below your hero level.

Therefore, it is very important to raise the level of the hero in the arena. Mobile Legends heroes who are very strong when they reach the top level include: Zilong (Yun Zao), Alucard, Karri, Eudora, Layla, Roger, and other. The admins themselves use Karri heroes more often, because after reaching level 13 and higher, the blows can already be felt. Below, the admin has summarized tips and tricks on how to quickly level up heroes in Mobile Legends.

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How to quickly level up Hero Mobile Legends during a game

1. Kill minions

For the first few minutes you will meet the minions while you are guarding the tower. Killing minions earns points that can be used to purchase items. Choose the appropriate or recommended equipment / item to make your hero stronger.

2. Kill Creep in the forest

In addition, in the first minute you also kill creeps in the forest or commonly referred to as agriculture. It is not recommended if farming is leaving the tower just like that, look at the condition of the tower, if you are attacked you should take care of the tower first. Agriculture is very important to add Buffs, Gold, and Experience especially if you are using a hero who acts as a fighter.

Correct farm order in Mobile Legends is the first kill Jungle monster to get exp and gold, kill both Reaper to increase movement speed and increase attack. And the third kill crackhead to provide reduced skill costs and a reduced cooldown. If you are new to the names and types of creepers in the forest, please have a look at the picture below.

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3. Kill turtle / turtle monster

Kill in the 2nd minute tortoise add lots of EXP and gold for the team. To tortoise then killed Mr will be updated and your team can also kill Lord to destroy the tower.

Well, the above three ways can quickly increase the level of Mobile Legends hero you use in battle. Do the above three paths continuously while guarding the tower and helping the team destroy the opponent’s base tower.

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That’s what the admin can say about how to quickly level up Mobile Legends heroes in games. Hopefully you always win in every game and hopefully this article can be useful in expanding your knowledge of Mobile Legends. Much luck!

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