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How to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score in Mobile Legends

How to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score in Mobile Legends – During Mobile Legends battle, we often encounter obstacles that force us to run away from battle, such as: Leaving the game for 4 minutes will put you in AFK. Mobile Legends will automatically penalize the AFK players by reducing their credit score to 5. When a teammate calls in (calls in), your credit score will be reduced again by 3. So once you run away, your credit score will drop by about 8 seeds.

While the overall credit score itself is 100, your credit score must be above 89 in order to play in ranked mode. If your credit score is below this, you will be banned from playing in ranked mode while your credit score is still low. As you can imagine, if you keep running away during the fight, your credit score will go down and you may no longer be able to play in ranked mode. Well, for those of you who now have a minimal credit score, the administrator provides a quick way to increase your credit score in Mobile Legends based on the administrator’s own experience.

Before proceeding to the tutorial on how to quickly upgrade your credit, the administrator will first explain how to view your credit in Mobile Legends as beginners will not know how to see it.

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How to view creditworthiness in Mobile Legends

1. First log into Mobile Legends.

2. Then tap on the Home screen Profile photo.

3. Then choose credit-worthiness, then your score is clearly visible.

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How to Quickly Increase Your Credit Score in Mobile Legends

1. Log in every day

The first way to quickly increase your credit score is to log in every day and your credit will be increased by +1.

2. Play in VS AI

According to the admin, this second method is the fastest way. Playing VS AI, or what is commonly referred to as playing with a computer, because we are actually going to fight against AI heroes who are automatically moved. The admin recommends playing in BRAWL mode as it is pretty fast as there is only one track. The longest playing time in this mode is only 8 minutes. After you are done playing your credit score will increase by +1 regardless of whether you win or lose.

3. Give gifts to friends

You can also do this third avenue to increase the creditworthiness of your Mobile Legends account. Giving a friend a skin or hero gift will increase your credit score, although the price tag is quite expensive, but this method is powerful enough to get your credit score high quickly.

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Well, these are 3 Quick Ways to Increase Your Credit Score in Mobile Legends That Admin Can Provide. Hopefully useful and can add to your insights. Much luck!.

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