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How to Quickly Earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Battle Point or in the Mobile Legends game often abbreviated as BP is one of the means of payment used in the game, namely to buy heroes, upgrade emblems and so on, for example to buy certain items.

As generally in almost all MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, Battle Points are very important to players, especially games like Mobile Legends, which often release new heroes at quite expensive prices; diamonds that can be bought with real money or Battle Points which we can collect for free in the game, but the problem is, to collect a lot of Battle Points (BP) quickly is very difficult.

Below are some tips on how to get Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends games

1. Register daily

How to Quickly Earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Just by logging into the game every day without participating in any events and not carrying out any missions in the Mobile Legends game, we can already receive Battle Points on the third and fifth day, it is not bad up to 500 Battle Points the menu Events then Daily login and claimNot only that, in the daily rewards, namely on the menu Medal Chest and Free chests You can also get extra battle points, if in the open medal chest we have to fill the existing medals in order to claim it, while the free chest can only be opened after 4 hours and can account for 2 times, then you have to at least open it Play the Mobile Legends game after 8 hours just to win the prize so you don’t lose the next prize, prizes are usually in the form of chests and one of them is Battle Points.

2. Play often

We receive Battle Points after the match in Ranked, Classic and Brawl modes. So if we often play in this mode, we automatically lose or win Battle Points and we will definitely get them and collect them very quickly, also be bigger and different than other teammates.

3. Take advantage of duplicate BP cards

How to Quickly Earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Already understand the function and use of the Double BP Cards, which is intended to double the number of Battle Points after the game. For example, if we use the card before the game, we will get 300 Battle Points after the game and 600 Battle Points there. The types of Double BP Cards also vary, there are only 1 to 4 matches and some can be used for up to a full day. If you have free time and play a whole day, make the most of it, take advantage of Double BP Cards 1 hari. Check the menu to see if you have a Double BP Card or not backpack then miscellaneousif you don’t have it, you can buy it from Diamond.

4. Complete achievements

How to Quickly Earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Battle Points are awarded after completing the Moonton-given mission, one of which can be found in the Achievements menu. You can see and complete all missions that have not been achieved, for example 240 MVP achievement, 7 kills in a match when your phone is under 10%, play 250 games with friends and many more missions that you may not have yet But don’t forget to make teamwork a priority to achieve victory.

5. Give each other BP to friends

There is a feature in the Mobile Legends game that allows us to send and receive BP to players who have become friends in the Mobile Legends game, usually Facebook friends. We are only allowed to send BP to 6 friends in one day, for a total of 5 BP. But make no mistake. Our Battle Points do not decrease even when we send them to friends. Invite your friends to send each other Battle Points every day, even if the amount is not much, but can increase our Battle Points.

6. Maintaining a good credit score

How to Quickly Earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Creditworthiness is transcript We are in the Mobile Legends game. To keep our credit score good it has to be above 90, which doesn’t hurt AFK and always plays well in every game so there aren’t any reports causing our credit score to drop Credit Score Good, Prizes What Moonton awards will also be better, namely in the form of Battle Points, which are large enough up to 7500. If your credit score is between 70 and 90, the prize is up to 6000 Battle Points, usually prizes are given every Monday at 5:00 am.

So many articles of my own on tips on how to earn Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends game, hopefully it will be useful.