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Title: how to properly use role assassins
Link: How to use the role of the assassin correctly

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how to properly use role assassins


Assassin is a true role killer in Mobile Legends, Hero Assassin has maximum damage statistics on average, but with thin blood. Assassin users also have charging skills, speeding up movement skills, and other escape skills like Hayabusa.

Here are some tips that I summarized while paying attention to how assassins work and how to use some of them.

Tips on Using Assassins in Mobile Legends

1. Must be good at farming

Assassin has great damage, be it on the hero, the tower or the jungle monster. Assassin can kill jungle monsters faster than any other role with simple attacks. So use this advantage to farm as much as possible and as quickly as possible so that your items get faster (but keep an eye on the tower and the friends who are in a hurry).

While the assassin, who mostly stays in the tower, usually becomes a failed assassin or fails.

2. Take buff

Take the blue buff to increase mana, reduce mana consumption, and speed up skill cooldowns. Your friend should know you need it and will have it given to you. If you’re an assassin who doesn’t need mana like Alucard, you don’t have to go for the blue buff, but the red buff.

3. Sensitive to hostile conditions and roaming (exploring)
Assassin types often have to look at the map to see which enemies can be attacked, for example in top lane, the damage 2 vs help your friends above, try without knowing the enemy so they can use your skill combo difficult to avoid. If only one of them dies it will be easy to knock down the top tower as the situation changes to 3 versus 1.

4. Must be patient and thorough.
The assassin role is basically a finishing type. You have to be good at the trash, elite or master levels can still get mad if their loot is destroyed by an assassin, but if it’s Epic / Legend – if you can’t make it then you are the one who gets mad because that’s your job as an assassin.

Have to be patient and careful, during the war, let fighters follow the tank open war. While your fighter, mage and MM are attacking the enemy, kidnap the enemy MM / mage / healer, kill them as soon as possible, they usually don’t realize because they are focused that they are in tanks / hunters. Use the hero lock feature to lock who your target is.

5. Understand hero skills well

Have a good understanding of each ability of the hero you are using so that they can be used to the full. For example, Natalia can disappear into the bush after 2 seconds, Karina’s Ultima can be reset if the target dies quickly.

6. Make the most of your charging capacity.

Charge is an ability that allows you to get to the enemy quickly, it can also run away from the enemy. Almost all Assassins have charge skills except Fanny and Hayabusa, but they have skills with the same utility, Fanny stealing with her cord and Hayabusa with her shadow ability.

7th Understand the type of life robbery needed

For those like Natalia who prioritize attack speed, use Haas’ Claw. For those who use skills like Saber and Hayabusa more frequently, use Bloodlust Ax. While Karina is using items with a magic vamp.

8. Use penetration elements.

Use items of physical penetration for users with physical attacks and magical penetration for magic-type assassins. These items help penetrate the enemy’s armor / magic resistance.

9. Spell

Almost all Assassin users use Spell Retribution, which is very helpful for faster farming.

10. Potions.

When all the items are ready and the game is not over, it is recommended that you purchase potions. Assassin physical-type energy drinks and magical-type assassin potions.

Here are some tips from me that I hope will come in handy.

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