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Title: How to Play Mobile Legends – Bang Bang on Computer or Laptop
Link: How to Play Mobile Legends – Bang Bang on a Computer or Laptop

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How to Play Mobile Legends – Bang Bang on Computer or Laptop

Mobile legends
Mobile Legends – Bang Bang

Of course you already know this one mobile game, Mobile Legends – Bang Bang. Games Moba or Multiplayer online battle arena This is considered appropriate to meet the players’ desire for the presence of MOBA-style games Point a or League of Legends mobile version. to Mobile legends itself is more adaptable than the game League of Legends on the PC version. For Android users alone, the total downloads of this game in the Playstore are recorded more than 50 million times worldwide, so that this game was of course successful and attracted the attention of mobile gamers.

To have a more exciting gaming experience Mobile legends, Player friends can try playing it on a PC or laptop too. One way is to use Android emulators. Play on a bigger screen, maximize graphics settings, and stop worrying about wasting batteries. In addition, the internet data used is the same as if we were playing it on a smartphone. So let’s take a look at the steps for Play Mobile Legends on a computer / laptop.

1. Download the Android emulator

The emulator we are going to use this time is to be used Nox app player. The consideration is that this emulator is available for free, is lightweight, and has very good compatibility with the latest Android applications or games. In addition, it is small and easy to configure.

2. Install the Android emulator

After the download is complete, install as normal and wait for the download to complete. Adjust the Android emulator specs such as number of processors, amount of RAM, and resolution by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner (above the signal toolbar) and then selecting Advanced settings. It is recommended to set the amount of RAM to half the total RAM capacity of the PC or laptop in order to balance between the speed of the emulator and the PC so that other processes running on the PC are not affected.

Appearance of the Nox app player
3. Download Mobile Legends from the Playstore application on Nox

After the installation is complete, run Nox and go to Load game download Mobile Legends game. And don’t forget to enter your Google account so you can enter the Playstore. If you already have an apk Mobile legends previously saved on your computer, you can simply install it directly in Nox by clicking pull and let go (click, hold and drag) the apk into the nox screen window.

4. Run Mobile Legends and set the keyboard and mouse as controls

Actually, the mouse is sufficient as a control when playing, but it’s a bit of a hassle because we can’t move the hero and hit or spend skills at the same time. To do this, we need to add a keyboard as an additional control. We’ll use the controls on the keyboard as the hero movement controls while the controls curse or blows with the mouse so it’s easier as we generally play games on PCs. To set the keyboard controls, first enter the game (example: tutorial mode) so that we can set the analog direction keys correctly.

– In the Nox app, click on Keyboard Controls, draw the keyboard or press Ctrl + 1

Keyboard control settings

Then a window will appear as shown below, then click the icon in the box highlighted in red and drag it to the analog control position on the game screen

Keyboard control settings window

Button placement on the Mobile Legends game analog controls

In the illustration above, the keyboard control settings as Direction (analog in-game controls) use the W keyboard keys to control direction up, A left, D right, and S down. Can be adjusted to your individual comfort. For recording, the keyboard control window is usually hidden automatically when we make settings. To bring it back up, slide the mouse to the far left of your Nox Player window, as soon as it appears, click Save and you’re done. Now we can press the W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard as directional controls and mouse as a control curse, Skill or hit.

Played Car legends Bang Bang use Gamepad (Stick or joystick)

After setting the control with keyboard and mouse above, for those who USB gamepad (stick or joystick) from Originally steering analogue can be used directly as a direction control, ie play Mobile Legends Bang Bang Use the control Gamepad and mouse. In this article Gamepad (Stick or joystick) is used Playstation 2 sticks connected to a PC via USB converter PS2 stick

Much luck.

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