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How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends to Become a Deadly Sniper - Mobile Legends Hero Tutorial

Lesley Special Skin, Dangerous Love
Lesley Special Skin, Dangerous Love

Lesley is a marksman in Mobile legends which is very unique because he also has an assassin role. In addition, the play style of this hero is also unique, namely the play style tractor. When the centerpiece is done, the damage Lesley has done is also very great.

In this article, Cecepkocep will now explain how to play Lesley Mobile Legends. Hopefully this tutorial will help you play Lesley better. Let’s check out the review below.

Lesley Mobile Legends tutorial

Before we go any further about gameplay, I’ll first discuss Lesley’s skills. And I’ll also discuss how to maximize each skill so that it is more optimal.

Passive: fatal shot

Lesley’s first passive is that she gains 5 energy every time she faces the enemy. attacks Basic attack.

The second passive is if he takes no damage for 5 seconds then the next attack has a longer attack distance, then urban opportunityhis will also increase by 40% damageit has also increased 1.3 times.

Every 1 point pHyscal penetration which Lesley has it will add 1% Critical hit rate-his. While the percentage of physical penetration is not calculated.

Passive Skills Tips

Use this passive ability to do it bag Enemies from afar. When the enemy approaches, use Skill 1 to withdraw. Do it passive skill combination and skill 1 continuously to poke the enemy until the enemy’s blood dies, then use skill 3 to finish in a safe place. Use the tug of war technique!

Skill 1: Master of Disguise

Skill 1 Lesley Mobile Legends
Skill 1 Lesley Mobile Legends

Lesley goes into cloaking for 3 seconds and Speed ​​of movementwill also increase by 30% physical attackit was also increased by 50 points.

Lesley comes out of stealth when she deals damage or takes damage. Oh yes, the enemy can see Lesley’s cover too.

Skill tips 1

To maximize Skill 1, you must first make sure that your passive skill is active. Therefore, the damage you do with passive combos and Skill 1 is huge, especially when your core items are ready.

Then you can use ability 1 to run away or chase enemies as this ability gives you a movement speed buff. But unfortunately this Skill 1 has no effect flash how flickers.

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Skill 2: Tactical Grenade

Skill 2 Lesley Mobile Legends
Skill 2 Lesley Mobile Legends

Lesley fans a grenade forward, causing an effect Setback or the enemy will be thrown back and Lesley will jump back too. This skill deals 150 physical damage (+ 320% physical attack). Skill 2 cancels Lesley’s ultimate skill.

Tips for Skill 2

We can use Lesley’s second ability to save ourselves from close range attacks such as assassins and fighters. Then we can immediately use Skill 2 if we do Skill 3 and someone approaches us. But you have to be careful because this Skill 2 has a very short range or distance.

Skill 3: Ultimate Sniper

Skill 3 Lesley Mobile Legends
Skill 3 Lesley Mobile Legends

Lesley captures the movement of all enemies in an area, then captures one of the heroes and fires 4 deadly bullets with 200 (+ 80% physical attack) damage + 5% HP target lost as physical damage.

Each bullet that hits the target recovers 10 energy. Oh yes, this bullet can be repelled by other enemies.

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Tips for Skill 3

Use Skill 3 on a dying enemy or as a completion only. Because the damage done by Lesley’s skill is determined by the percentage of enemy HP lost. So the damage of skill 3 gets even bigger when the enemy’s blood dies.

Lesley Mobile Legends gameplay

Of course, since Lesley is a marksman, she is very weak in the early game. So you have to farm for it to become your main subject.

Early games

How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends
How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends

At the beginning of the game, try not to be too eager to aim at your opponent. You should note that Lesley is a hybrid gunman and assassin with very little defense.

Use Skill 1 and Passive to bump enemies from afar. Don’t hesitate to use this skill in farming too. If you are escorted by a tank you should be able to play a little aggressively, if not it is better to play it safe.

During this phase, try to farm until your core items are ready.

Medium game

How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends
How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends

At this stage you should have 2 core items, namely Berserker’s Fury and Endless Battle. If you already have it, you can play a little aggressively. Use Skill 3 to take down a dying enemy in a safe position. Even if the enemy is not dead, at least you can repel the enemy.

Don’t forget to destroy the tower if possible. But you also need to be careful about your surroundings so that you don’t get ganked by the enemy.

Late game

How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends
How to Play Lesley Mobile Legends

At this stage the damage to Lesley is not too great. But since it has a long firing range, it is very useful for eliminating enemies behind the turret. Use skill 1 and passive combo. When the enemy’s blood dies and runs away, use Skill 3.

That’s the discussion this time about how to play Lesley Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for more hero tutorials. Thanks very much.

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