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How to Play the Latest Among Us for Beginners

How to Play the Latest Among Us for Beginners
Between us

How to Play the Latest Among Us for Beginners

This game among us is currently being played among millennials, this game is being played on the Android platform.

You can play this game among us on your PC, laptop or mobile phone. You can play this game with your friends who are bored with no work at home.

Between us is what game really is?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that puts 10 players on a plane. From the 10 participating players, the Among Us game system randomly selects who is the crew member (the protagonist) and who is the cheater (the antagonist).

The Among Us game system itself allows a maximum of 3 members to be cheaters, while the rest of them become crew members.

How to play among us for beginners

Before playing, make sure you have downloaded the Among Us game from the official website. For those of you who want to download this game for PC and mobile platforms, please see the link below:

In Among Us, players need to be able to work together to win over their fellow players.

For those of you who get caught playing the role of. to play Crew member You can see the following review

Crewmember tasks in the Among Us game

1. Completion of tasks

given as soon as possible. This task is in the form of a mini-game on a map and is spread over several rooms.

2. Report the body

If you find a carcass or the corpse of another player, you can hit report and start the discussion. Here all players can discuss who the cheater could be.

3rd Emergency meeting

If you want to start a discussion immediately, but no text is available yet, you can use the emergency meeting button

4th Sabotage fix

Sabotage is one of the fraudsters’ machinations, as a crew member you have to repair it so that the ship can stay safe

5. Monitor scammers

To win the game, Crewmate must be able to kill Impostor. Now you can monitor the movements of all players via CCTV on the admin map.

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